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Subject: Fw: Fwd: walmart

As I was retrieving a shopping cart in Wal-mart

yesterday a particularly unkempt, unattractive

and mean spirited woman who actually reeked

of body odor pushed me aside. Shoving past me,

the woman snarled at her kids, almost knocking

another older lady down, grabbed the first cart

and swung it around hitting an older man working

there as one of the Wal-mart Greeters .

As she pulled the cart away from the Greeter's

stomach, in a kind and calming voice the Greeter,

while gesturing towards the two children said

to her, " Are they twins ?"

Glaring at him she snapped back saying,

" No you old fool, the brat's 9 and the little witch

is 7, are you so blind you think they look alike ?"

" No," replied the Greeter calmly, " I just couldn't

believe you got laid twice

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