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I have had a lot lot of dick in my time. Only a few of which were real, but I want to tell you about my new best friend. I call him Julio. He says he is "El Principe Latino" which I learned means the Latin Prince.

Julio and I spend every minute together possible. One of his favorite places to spend time with me is in the shower. I love it when he bends me over and takes me from behind, soap running down my ass, hot water pouring across my back.

Julio and I fuck everywhere, and I mean everywhere. We do it on the edge of the bathtub, on the coffee table, the tile floor, the car hood, the TV, on my computer monitor (especially good while viewing some hot latin porn), the mirror can be especially fun too, on the kitchen counter, in the butt, on the bathroom counter, on the dryer with an unbalanced load and any number of other smooth surfaces. He can be a bit difficult to get inside of me because of his rubbery skin, but with some lube he will go in ANYWHERE.

Does he know how to suck? He sucks better than most, with enough suction to hold fast on almost any smooth surface. You may think its cheesy but I like to say "its his sucking that makes for such great fucking". I know a lot of guys claim to be six inches, but Julio has it for real. Speaking of real, Julio is not, but he looks almost real and that is good enough for me.

Get O'led by the Latin man of your dreams!

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