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Sex Detention Form

Oh I’ve Been so Naughty. I have taken too long to return my reviews. Good thing I had this playful fantasy form in my most recent kit from Too Timid!

The Sex Detention Form is a reusable tri-fold form that makes thinking up punishments easy and creative for the most minor infraction. This tool can blend role playing with real life issues...forgetting to put the toilet seat down could gain you a sexy strip tease from your errant lover. This fun form is set up like a grade school report card with check mark boxes for severity level and behavior tolerances. There is even a section at the bottom of the page for the misbehaving student to sign acknowledging their misdeeds and agreeing to accept punishment.

The marking pen can be used over and over again on this easily erasable form. Unlike other forms I’ve used in the past, there is no ghosting of the past ‘bad grades’ or ink marks. Each new offense can have a clean slate with a simple wipe of a finger, or dry cloth.

So get out your uniforms and tidy up your desk. Failure to be considerate of my feelings could land you as my sex slave for a week.

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