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a 85 year old man went to the doctor for a checkup before he left, the doctor handed him a glass jar and said, Herman take this home and bring it back with a seamen sample. the next day Herman returned to the doctor and the jar was just as empty and cleaned as it was when the doc had given it to him.Doctor said Herman why did'nt you bring me a sample like I asked . Herman replied, well I tried with my right hand and nothing , I tried with my left hand and nothing so then I had my wife try, she tried with both hands and nothin, then she tried with her teeth in, nothin, then she tried with her teeth out and nothin, so we called our next door neighbor Arlene she tried under her armpit, between her legs and still nothin.Dang the doctor replied you got your neighbor involved. Herman replied HELL yea coudn't none of us get the damn lid off the jar!!!!!!!!!!

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