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Love My Wife


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I am the luckiest guy in the world, beautifull wife, smart wife, loving wife, understanding wife in other words my soul mate.

There isnt enough room on these pages to tell how much I love, respect and cherish my wife but there is enough to tell you all our great afternoon delight today:)

We left our office for a quick lunch together, the whole time I had a thought of orgasm after food, she to without each other knowing thought the same thing.

After a nice quit meal we got back into our SUV and started the drive back to the office, i made a quick u turn heading into a side road along the freeway.

The first thing that came out of her mouth was" you need your cock taken care of" I was hard in about 2 seconds flat, she looked down and said"thought so, I gonna make you spray hot cum all over me" and leaned over unzipped my fly and took it out.

She told me she wanted me to drive around awhile with my dick out so she could look at it and think about what to do. We drove around for about 30 minutes, the pre cum was oozing all down the shaft of my cock, every once in awhile she would lean over and take some of my pre cum and put her hand up her shirt to rub it on her tits. After so long her shirt was actually wet in the chest area and her nipples were rock hard.

We found a place under and between the freeway overpass, a little spot we backed into so the truck couldnt be seen.

As soon as we stopped she took off her shirt and started rubbing her tits as I watched, more pre cum rubbed on her tits and they were slick and shiney and slippery to her touch.

My dick ached so bad to be touched, watching her and feeling my dick in the air out of my pants was awsome, she made me wait and watch her rub and pull on her nipples until she was satisfied and needed some dick.

At this point just the wind blowing to hard would make me cum, I was suprised that I didnt to fast when she took me in her hands and started jerking me off hard and fast, she then spit in her hand and told me the smell of my cock was making her mouth water and jerked me off some more, this time with a slow tight grip.

Once I was all lubed up with her spit and my pre cum she put my dick between her tits, well not really between but she rubbed her tits on my dick, looking up at me she told me she loved me and cherised me and was so gratefull we are together.

She then turned away from me and took me into her mouth and just held me there, her spit oozing out around my cock and making my balls wet and cold. Her warm hand found my balls and started rubbing them in a circle movement, she then started lightly spanking my ball sac and started moving her mouth up and down, the combo of her hot mouth and the slight good pain of a lite smack on my balls was unreal.

About 5 minutes of this slow hot,cold bliss and she came off my dick looked me right in my eyes and with a dirty desperate look told me to watch her jerk off my dick, she gave me a long hard kiss then started to fucking go wild jerking me off, telling me she loved my dick, loved the way it felt, loved the way it smells and loves the way it sprays hot cum all over.

This did it and I could feel it building deep inside the root of my cock, slowley building aching. She gave me one hard smack on my balls with her right hand and jerked with her left, her tits bouncing around all shinney with spit and pre cum and that slutty look in her face and my cock burst, sprayed one hot thick jet of cum that hit her hair and made it fly back, then another spray that hit the dash, then another that she giuded on her tits, she stopped and told me to finish so she could rub it in all over her breasts, so thats how my orgasm finished, jerking off watching my wife of 20 years in all her beauty rub my cum all over her breast, neck and face.

I love my wife!!!

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That is quite a story, but I have a question- did you get married when you were 17? If you have been married for 20 years, and you are 37.......just wondering! :D

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Yes, we are H.S. sweet hearts that married at 17, had 3 children by the time we were 23, loving every minute of it! Our sex life sems to get better every year. I think she has become much more interested and I much more patient, makes for a great combo, she loves to have sex someitmes more kinky than me now and I get as much as I can handle.

It was definatly not always this way, when we were in our teens and twenties we would fight about not having enough sex but now with days like today sex is the last issue we have.

Take Care

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