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Jenna loves Kobe…Jenna loves Kobe……k-i-s-s-i-n-g…..l-i-c-k-i-n-g…

In this Vivid DVD, they decided to have 2 of their leading ladies of porn, Jenna Jameson & Kobe Tai, give you another “Jenna Loves...” installment with Jenna Loves Kobe. As many of you know, Jenna Jameson is one of my favorite adult film stars, and I just can’t get enough of Jenna, especially in this film. The main feature has 5 scenes, and with “Jenna Loves Kobe” I’m thinking that it should all be about them, but it’s not. They’re in the first lengthy scene, and the last lengthy scene, with 3 other couples in the middle. Though, Jenna & Kobe provide the only female on female action, the 3 other scenes are also done very well, and are pretty long too.

What I like about Vivid Entertainment, is that they also give a lot of extras in most of their DVDs. This one doesn’t disappoint either. You have 5 Vivid girl extras, and 2 more “solo scenes” featuring Kobe and also Jenna (of course). You also get photo galleries, alternate angles, behind the scenes, and biographies of the title’s ladies.

There were some great close ups, camera plays, though I didn’t care for some of the “special effects”, I did like how Jenna flirts with the camera. I also loved most of the lingerie that the ladies wore, very hot.

Although disappointed that there wasn’t more of Jenna and Kobe together, the scenes they were in were sensual, seductive, and very sexy! All the other scenes were well done too, and the bonus scenes, though some being older, they were pretty good.

Where this film wasn’t what I was expecting, it turned out to be a pretty good one anyway.

Love Jenna too.

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