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Do you like the spicy tastes of the orient? Well, then feast your eyes on this film featuring lovely beauties from the East. This particular film features 'oriental' looking women - although most of them are not what I would call authentic. However, the petite bodies, long, dark, silky hair and extremely small (A-cup or less) breasts are all fairly common with oriental women.

This film has no plot - it is simply about pleasure. Each scene features one or two beautiful women and a nicely hung man. Most scenes begin with two girls together and then they switch to serve and pleasure the man who enters. This film has lots of lesbian tongue action, finger fucking, anal sex, FFM threesomes, lots of oral for the nicely shaven men and women, and even a unique scene where two couples masturbate in front of each other without sex!

The lingerie is hot (there is even a corset that I wouldn't mind having) and there are two lovely ladies sporting glasses (if you are into the glasses on hot girls thing!) The sex is fairly routine (not a whole bunch of acrobatics going on) but the scenes are still smokin' hot! This film is definitely a good pick for some simple, no frills porn. So why not indulge in some Kung Pow Pussy....I am glad I did!

Order Out ....

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