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Bad Wives


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There’s no girl like a Vivid Girl! And this film, directed by Paul Thomas, you get to see them getting down, dirty, and oh, so naughty! Starring Dyanna Lauren, Tricia Deverauz, Missy, Jon Dough, and more, we get to delve into the realm of Bad Wives, and bad husbands, for that matter.

First go to the office, where a sexy secretary teases her boss, Steven, and gets teased & pleased in the conference room. Where they may have locked the door, but they forgot to draw the blinds! And the only sounds you’ll hear will be the panting, slapping, and a heart beating.

Then we go to the grocery store, where every housewife has to go now and again. Browse the aisles for what needs to be restocked at home. Let’s eat some cookies & flirt with the bag boy, Roy. Tracy-Jo doesn’t quite know what to make of him. She just wants something different to happen. She’s tired of the same ole, same ole things happening to her. She wants to experience something that she never thought of, dreamed of, or imagined before.

Fantasize with red-headed, confused Elizabeth, another of the bad wives, about the bagboy, and all you may want to do with & to him. He really knows how to pack...meat. Is there something in the fudge cookies, or does the bagboy have some sort of power of making women overly horny…and hungry? Safety, or chaos, good, or evil? You decide.

Lots of multiple angles to enjoy, great sex scenes, you go back & forth between couples & 3-somes, this film will make you wonder. Bad lines, BAD graphics, terrible plays on the occult, halfway decent lingerie, great hair, hunky guys, and beautiful women, this film will get your blood boiling, the wind howling, and probably even put a smile on your face. It also has a lot of fun extras & mulitple angles to choose from.

Put it in your grocery cart.

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