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Mini Internal Sensation Vibe


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So, are you ready for some “Private Toys” time? I get this Mini Internal Sensation Vibe, and I was colored curious by this differently designed toy.

A very pretty blue color, I’ve dubbed this one Lil’ Blue. And Lil' Blue takes 2 AAA batteries, is waterproof, and boasts that she’s the world’s smallest tipped vibrator. Well, the vibe does have a very small tip to it, about the width of a crayon (the bottom of one). So, this is one of the smallest tips on a regular sized vibrator that I’ve seen, to be sure. 7” from tip to base, this she’s average in size otherwise.

Washing her off with warm, soapy water, there really wasn’t much of an odor to her, which is another plus.

Twisting off the ribbed bottom, I look inside, & notice that it has battery indicators, so it’s easy to tell which end goes up on which side. Another BIG plus. Twisting the cap back on, I test out the dial control on the base, & for some reason, Lil’ Blue only stayed on one speed. Thankfully, it was HIGH, so I wasn’t going to complain. The vibes were pretty intense on my fingers, and the little bullet that gives the vibe it’s oomph was near the very tip, so you get an even more powerful feeling. YAY!! Love the strong, direct vibes! And, this toy is what it says…really quiet! I also loved how the base was ribbed, & very easy to hang on to.

OK, well, let’s get down to business! I love more direct vibes, as I’ve said, and teasing myself with this vibe was a lot of fun. Nipples, labia, teasing my clit here and there, and then, easily inserting it. Well, since this toy is so slim, insertion didn’t really do much for me. And, since it IS pretty flexible, even though it is curved, it failed in a possible g-spot action for me. But it did feel pretty darn good caressing my vaginal walls. I decide to grab a larger dildo, you know, for that fuller feeling I crave so much, and use Lil’ Blue for some clit action. Again, I love strong vibes…& Lil’ Blue…well…it…..almost…had….enough….but not quite enough to send me rocketing into O-O land, but really close. Maybe I was being too impatient? After successfully getting off with another toy, I decided that Lil’ Blue deserved another shot. So, I start teasing myself again, and, being sensitive from my last orgasm & finding that this tip is WONDERFUL for direct stimulation, oh yesssssssssss, Lil’ Blue was a verrrrrry gooooood viiiiibe!!

So, if you’re not one that craves a high vibe, or probably a bit more patient than I am, this toy is fun, soft, flexible, quite, easy to use, AND waterproof, you really should give Lil’ Blue a try.

Lil' Blue for you

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