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(Written by my husband, Thurisas)

When my wife got her latest TooTimid box, I was shocked and just a little bit scared to see that there was something in there that was primarily for me to wear. Now, I’ve had and used assorted cock rings in the past, but when she pulled out the Adonis Helios, I have to admit that I was a little intimidated.

The Helios consists of 3 different sized rubber rings and a leather connector. Any combination of two rings can be used in conjunction with the connector. The rings come in a 1 1/4" diameter, a 1 ½" diameter, and a 2" diameter. The fact that they’re rubber might make it a little intimidating for someone whose nether regions aren’t well shaved due to catching of hair, but this wasn’t a problem for me.

Not being overly familiar with this sort of toy (the rings I’ve used in the past were all of a jelly material) I knew I had some experimenting to do. I first tried out the Helios by slipping the small ring over my cock and positioning the medium ring just over my sack. While it wasn’t too uncomfortable, it looked uncomfortable enough to my wife that she didn’t like it. That was fine, so I grabbed the larger ring and positioned it over my shaft and sack and then tried the small ring over my shaft. As I got harder, though, I started getting just a little bit uncomfortable. So, the third try was the charm with the large ring over my shaft and sack connected to the medium ring just over my shaft. That was within both of our comfort zones and the play began.

During foreplay I left the Helios on for a small time just to see how it was going to react as I got hard from pleasuring my wife and how it would react to receiving oral sex. Well, I have to say that being a bit more solid from the restricted blood flow, I was certainly more sensitive for oral and the little leather connector clasp gave my wife a little "leash" to pull me where she wanted me to be. That of course got me even more excited.

I removed it for a time to make sure I wasn’t doing any damage to myself and we played for a time with some of our other toys. Wonderfully, it came off pretty easily even though it was still nice and snug. A little more play, a couple of orgasms for her from tongue and finger action and I was ready to go for the real thing. I put the Helios back on just as I had before and asked for more oral, which got me very hard. I put into her with the Helios on and I knew I had a little more girth than usual. I also had quite a bit of staying power, but in general staying power isn’t a problem with me anyway.

So, the verdict is that the toy is versatile enough for most and absolutely does what its meant to do. I’m sure we’ll be using this one again (in the very near future) and it will make its way into our regular repertoire of toys. The Adonis Helios is definitely a worthy addition to any adult toy box.

[Valntyn’s notes: This kinky-looking cock cage was SO GREAT. After the initial trying-on of the different rings -- and the resulting, “Oo oo ew! No! Take it off! That’s too tight! Ick!” -- once he got the right combination, I was so_fucking_turned_on, grabbing hold of his cock and dragging him where I wanted him. Nothing about the toy was in the way when I gave Thurisas head (or had sex); it was all perfectly placed to allow me fun access to all of him. I felt a little slutty, a little dominatrix-y, a little dirty... and I loved it! I agree with him: this one’s going to be used often by us!]

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OMG!!! It looks like one of those seeing-eye dog harnesses.....all you need now is a little sign on it that says "Pet Me, I'm working"!! LMAO Cute and informative review!!!

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