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I bought some lube at walmart today and it says "LATEX CONDOMS ONLY" so I asked

my friend about my toys which can I use it with ect.. She told me, but I wanted to post

it so everyone could get answers if they need them. Since this product KY INTRIGUE is

all over the Tv now and doesn't say silicone or water based anywhere on the box or bottle.

So which toys can I use it with? and which toys should I avoid using it with?

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Well, I am the friend she asked!! LMAO

KY Intrigue has only 2 ingredients:

Dimethicone & Dimethiconol

Dimethicone is another fancy name for a type of silicone. So, no cyberskin or silicone toys can be used with this lube, unless it specifically states that it is silicone lube compatible.

Dimethiconol is a silicone polymer, that is used to promote shine, and conditions hair and skin.

Toys that are safe to use with silicone based lubes:

Glass, hard plastic, silicone toys that specifically states that it is silicone lube compatible, and "rubber" toys, like jelly. Usually, toys will tell you if the item has to keep away from silicone based lubes. Lubes will tell you what they're safe to use with (or unsafe, like: do not use this product with.....).

Water-based lubes can be used with pretty much any sort of sex toy. Mikayla has written an article to clear up some confusion too.

Info on lubes by Mikayla

If there is ANY doubt as to whether or not the lube is safe with a particular toy, I would switch to a water-based lube. Better to be safe, than sticky and having to bury a friend (toy).......

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