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zwd40008main.jpgProlong Action Lube

Since this product is created for men (and the women who’d love to love them longer) We thought our man should share his opinion. Mr. Big says:

A note to the guys: Not that I need it, but it never hurts to have a back up plan to increase your game time. If you're lucky you can convince your special someone(s) that you need manual stimulation for the five minutes you're waiting for it to activate. Oral stimulation is a bad suggestion during this time (or so Laundry Goddess tells me). See the Jar-Jar comments below.

A note to the gals: I never imagined my wife’s sex drive ever coming close to mine when we were in our twenties. Now at 40, the story has changed. The change in Laundry Goddess’ sex drive has her enjoying penetration more than ever before. She also takes longer to climax than Temptress, so me not coming too quickly has become an issue. Additionally, with just two people, if the woman’s needs are met first, the guy climaxing often signals the end and that it is time to cuddle. With two of them, things don’t even slow down at that point, “keeping your head in the game” brings on new meaning.

I was ready to try something like this but had a few preconceived notions; I sort of expected something akin to baby orajel. Who wants to have sex when your penis feels like Jar-Jar Bink’s tongue caught in the pod racer’s power supply? I also expected it to dry and be a little tacky to the touch. Neither was the case. It felt like any other sex lube and I didn’t feel numb at all. It seemed to just take the edge off of my sensitivity enough to give me more control. This product did what it promised and performed as advertised.

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ROFLMAO!!! I LOVE Jar-Jar Binks!! Too funny.....oh, sorry, I was laughing WITH you......

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