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My First Mini G Spot Vibe Review

Sailor Girl

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Hi all, here is my review of the My First mini g spot vibe. which can be fount at: http://shop.tootimid.com/productimages/sex...O3025-6main.jpg

A Great Thing to have, both in and out of the shower

This is a four inch long, hard plastic toy. The cap looks like a soda bottle, and the end of it, is the dial to turn it from low to oh god, more! The dial is a little difficult to turn, most definitely if you haven't quite wiped off your hands from using a loobb, such as Too Timid's Pleasure gell. There's also a wrist strap, that helps when you don't want to hold it. It slightly gets in the way if you're not using it. Its waterproof, it was simple to clean off with just some soap and a towel. the batteries which went in were tripple A and easy to insert. It is a little on the loud side, so I wouldn't use it if you have thin walls. Vibrations are great if you like them pretty strong. The bulb shaped tip, is great for stimulation of both the clitoris and g spot. I haven't quite found mine yet, but I'll enjoy trying. The mini g spot vibe is a great toy for both beginners and more experienced if you like the full feeling but not stretched to capacity. I like this toy, and will enjoy using it for a long time. This little cute one I got in Metallic green slips right into your backpack, so if you're feeling a little frisky on the trip to somewhere, you're set. Enjoy the fun! Check out this product here, the anticipation of waiting for it, will only be surpassed by the wet and wild ride you'll be on!

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