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"a Little Head" Masturbation Sleeve


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When I first opened the packaging of the “A Little Head Masturbation Sleeve”, I was over whelmed by this heavily perfumed love toy. The packaging was very easy to open and the Cyberskin has a nice feel to it. Upon looking at this toy I was kind of skeptical. Although “her” lips are nicely shaped, I thought that the mouth opening was going to be a very tight fit and I was right.

After giving my new toy a quick cleaning, she was ready for action. So out came the Too Timid Pleasure Gel, I put a little on my finger and slid it in to the mouth opening. It is surprisingly smooth on the inside without any ridges or grooves and the toy seemed to stretch more than I thought she would. So I lubed myself up, stroking my member with lube. I then slide my cock into the opening of this small sleeve and slowly moved in and out of her mouth.

She actually felt a bit too tight for my liking, but others might really like it. After using it in various speeds and positions, I finally came. Clean up was easy, but the Cyberskin does get a bit sticky during cleaning. I would recommend keeping the packaging that she comes in to use as storage, it works well and keeps it clean and ready for your next use

I like the Cyberskin feel and all but, maybe they should add some ridges or grooves on the inside for some extra sensation would be really nice.

The perfume smells like roses and some kind of floral powdery air freshener. The smell of it stays on you even after you shower! Not a good idea for you guys with jealous wives or girlfriends with sensitive noses that don’t know you use these types of products, IT will give you away

Overall this toy is just ok in my book. I may use it again if I get desperate, but it really didn’t do it for me. This toy would be great for some, but just not for me.

how about a little head

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Sorry this didn't work as well for you.

A tip for those that may not know, Cyberskin does get tacky after washing, but it's recommended to sprinkle talc powder on the cyberskin after use, cleaning, and pat drying, so as to keep the material feeling new (this is why, when you get a cyberskin toy, they have a powdery coating on them).

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