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True "bad Ass"!


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A True Live "Bad Ass"

This is truly incredible . . . A couple from Montana were out riding on the range, he with his rifle and she (fortunately) with her camera. Their dogs always followed them, but on this occasion a Mountain Lion decided that he wanted to stalk the dogs (you'll see the dogs in the background watching). Very, very bad decision.

The hunter got off the mule with his rifle and decided to shoot in the air to scare away the lion, but before he could get off a shot the lion charged in and decided he wanted a piece of those dogs. With that, the mule took off and decided HE wanted a piece of that lion. That's when all hell broke loose for the lion.

As the lion approached the dogs, the mule snatched him up by the tail and started whirling him around. Banging its head on the ground on every pass. Then he dropped it, stomped on it and held it to the ground by the throat. The mule then got down on his knees and bit the thing all over a couple of dozen times to make sure it was dead, then whipped it into the air again, walked back over to the couple (that were stunned in silence) and stood there ready to continue his ride as if nothing had just happened.

Fortunately, even though the hunter didn't get off a shot, his wife got off these four pictures:

There were 4 pix included with this but I will not post them out of respect for others here. I will email them to you if you leave an addy to send them to though!

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Iha I once wrestled (or attempted such a thing) a black bear. It had a muzzle and it was in a bar. The guy bet all of us that we could not put the bear on it's back. I'm sure you know that I lost my $20. That little bastard hit me on the top of my skull so hard I thought I was going out. I had strted out shooting in for a single leg pickup and was attempting to treetop it and it just bounced a few times and spun in a circle so I switched it up to a double leg and as soon as I moved my head to the inside there was a huge paw that made me see stars! POINT BEING - it was fun and stupid but don't even think about trying it!

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I know you are correct on the wiser! Not an encounter I would recommend!

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