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Never mind ‘eye candy’. Check out this piece of hard candy, packed full of pleasure for you!

The Wild Waves Satin is built to pleasure you in two different ways – it has a wonderfully textured shaft, along with raised nubs studding the wider base. It is waterproof, and also comes with a cute pink satin storage bag.

The wider base gives this a wonderful satisfying feeling as you pleasure yourself. I found that it not only stimulated where it was inserted but other sensitive areas close by as well.

One slight disappointment was the ‘pleasure nubs’. I wasn’t able to successfully maneuver this to get the nubs to rub me the right way. When it is inserted, the nubs don’t seem to naturally be close enough to the clit to add any excitement there, and using it externally alone was less than thrilling.

The 7” length is more than adequate to reach your most sensitive areas and rub away your cares.

The vibrator itself has a wonderful texture of being soft, almost air filled, but with a firm core. It is pliable and flexible, but not bendable and will not stay bent. This unique feel makes it even more realistic and pleasurable.

Battery insertion was very easy, just twist off the cap at the end, insert your batteries and press down and turn the cap to attach it and seal off the battery compartment. You then are free to control the vibration level with the ridged dial, which makes things quite easy to do one-handed, so you have another hand free to explore elsewhere! The vibrations range from a gentle purr to a rollicking roar, suiting most needs quite well.

Cleanup was a bit trickier – since the surface is not smooth but is ridged, this toy took a bit more than a quick wipe to be called ‘clean’. I used a washcloth with hot, soapy water and got this toy ready for its next tour of duty.

This is definitely more suited to someone who has a little experience with other vibrators, as the size is probably intimidating to a newcomer.

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I wanted to add - I decided to try this again - hubby was out of town and I just couldn't wait for him to get back. I started out using this vaginally and it felt good, not 'stellar' and then got excited enough that I thought I'd try it anally, although the size was a bit intimidating. I used my TT pleasure gel and it slid in smoothly, and as I went deeper, it really opened things up. I tossed in a little vibration and was soon on my way to a nice orgasm. As I had stated in my first review, I had concerns about cleanup. After using this anally, those were confirmed even more. It was really difficult to clean this due to all the ridges. BUT - the nice full feeling and great vibrations (stronger in the shaft than the tip) could still convince me to try it again ;)

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