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Vibrating Long Dong Penis Extension


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In all honesty, I had to laugh when I got this item out of the box. Hubby & I have this joke, where he says all the time that he’s just not big enough for me, & maybe he should do something to increase his size. Not to brag, but my hubby needs to use the Magnum-size condoms. So, when this toy popped up, I almost died of laughter. I show it to my hubby, and, after the inevitable razzin’ I knew I’d have to endure, I took this toy out of its box. So, this cyberskin vibrating penis extension was not only something to cause me to laugh, I also almost cringed at the thought of adding extra length to hubby.

Cyberskin toys are designed to look and feel real, and they do such a great job that it can kinda be disturbing. I take it out, and, again, am amazed at how REAL this semi-floppy, disembodied looking penis felt. And, if it didn’t have the hole for the little vibrator, and the “sleeve”, I’d be worried about a Bobbitt running around somewhere…

Ok, the sleeve stretches and expands really well. And, once on, it adds an extra 2” to your manhood. Complete with a pink head, it also comes with a removable, waterproof clit stimulator (aka a small bullet) & batteries already inside. Just pull the clear tab so the batteries can make contact, and with a simple push of the button on one end of the bullet, you have one setting of pretty strong vibes!

We start to try this toy out, easily stretching it up and over my husband’s erect cock. Since it’s cyberskin, the sleeve bends easily, and stretches to accommodate almost every shape and size. He said it felt soft, and pretty good too. The material also held on rather well, until some moisture got inside of it, then he had to hold onto it, to prevent sliding. Which felt pretty normal, since sometimes he has to hold his cock when putting it inside of me.

We’re trying out this toy, and, well, since my hubby is rather long, it caused the head of the toy to hit my cervix. Can we say OWIE? :o I knew you could. He couldn’t feel where he was inside of me, so it was hard to judge how far he could go. When he tried going a bit deeper, it hit my cervix again, and it made the head of his penis bump into the inside of the “head” of the cyberskin extender, and so he got a bit hurt too. It wasn’t too bad, since it is cyberskin, and soft, but it’s still a fairly solid object bonking his cock’s head. :rolleyes:

Switching positions didn’t help on 3 separate times. So, that cut our playtime with this toy down to nil, and had to take it off. What good is a penis extender if you can’t take FULL advantage of it?

However, I always try to see the benefits of an item whenever possible. So, this toy would be great for those that may want to add a little extra “oomph” in the bedroom, deeper penetration, and some extra fun. Remember that this IS a cyberskin toy, so only use water-based lubes with it.

Unfortunately, for us, this toy rates 2 paws up for actual performance. But I will give it a 4 paws up for realism, ease of use, bullet power, and quality.

Extend Your Fun

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