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Here's one of the first erotic stories I ever wrote. It's a little green around the gills, but I give myself an A for effort. :D (No this is not from experience, I spent a lot of time in BDSM chat rooms quiet some time ago. :P )

Good Girl

written by Neuroticax 2007

I stand on a street corner awaiting a bus, 10min later a car pulls up, the window rolls down, a gentleman asks for directions. He gets out of his car, and slowly walks up to me. "My, you are extremely beautiful." He proclaims. "Why thank you Sir." I reply. In an instant, he comes closer, grabs my hair, opens the car door, and pushes me inside. "I shall have you as my own for the night." He says as he gets in next to me and immediately puts a blindfold on me. "You don't need to know where we are going." He says. Excited, and nervous, I sit in the car, not saying a word. Just listening to the sounds around me.

After awhile the car stops, the engine turns off, and the man gets out. My door opens, and he grabs me by my hair. "Come." He demands. He leads me by my hair, into a place. Where? No clue. It smells of incense and candles. The air is thick, and warm. "Kneel my pet." He says. I do as I am told, and kneel with my hands gently on my thighs, listening to the movements around me. I am abandoned for a short while, 10, maybe 15min. I do not move. The sounds of light chains come closer from the distance. "Open your mouth wide, girl" The man proclaims. As he puts a ball gag in my mouth and snaps it shut from the back. He also gently puts a collar around my neck, and follows by attaching a leash. "Get on all fours, and come." He pulls my leash and leads not far from wherever I was.

He ties the leash up to something, perhaps a wall, or a chair. He takes the ball gag out..I hear a zipper.. "I have changed my mind, girl..make me hard." He demands. I open my mouth and await for him to enter it. He enters my mouth. For not being hard, he is very well endowed, methinks. He grabs my hair, and forces my lips to the base of his cock. "That's a good girl, take me deep." He says with a moan. After he is rock hard, he starts to undress me, leaving me naked, and exposed. He attaches nipple claps to my already erect nipples, with a chain.

"Do you enjoy being my little slut, girl?" He asks. "I do, Sir". I reply. He spanks me, over and over again. I gasp in pleasure. "You are being a very good slut, girl." He compliments. His fingers play with my clit, and rub my hole. Dripping wet with anticipation, I moan. Still on all fours, he comes to the front of me, and slaps my face with his cock numerous times, and then shoving his throbbing shaft into my mouth. He spanks my ass again, telling me what a good little slut I am. He pulls his cock out and slaps me one last time before cumming all over my face.

"I am not done with you yet, slut." He says as he shoves his cock back into my mouth. After getting him hard for the 2nd time he puts the ball gag back into my mouth and gets behind me fingers my clit some more. "Such a good dripping wet little slut you are, girl. For being so behaved you may now feel my cock." He says. He slowly pushes his hard throbbing cock into my dripping wet pussy. I moan, for he is so big.

Thrusting over and over again, he spanks me harder with each thrust, telling me to take his cock deep like a good whore. He starts to finger my little tight ass. I can feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter. He grabs a fist full of my hair, and pulls back, while spanking me harder. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter, just as I am about to cum, he pulls out. "No, not yet, whore." He pushes me to the ground and flips me over on my back. He puts some kind of device around my ankles and wrists, moments later I feel my legs being spread wider and wider. I hear the sound of a vibrator being turned on, and up to it's highest level. He teases me by gently running the vibrator along my clit, and then my ass. He spits on my asshole, and gently works the vibrator into position. He unties one of my hands.. "Hold it in your ass, girl." He demands. I do as I am told, and hold the whirring vibrator in my tight ass.

Again he enters my tight wet pussy with his huge throbbing cock. He slaps my face. "Take it, girl." He tells me. His hand around my throat, slightly choking me, he pumps harder, and faster. "You love being used, don't you whore?" He asks. Unable to speak, I nod my head. My pussy getting wetter and wetter, I can feel my juices running down my ass, over my hand that is holding the vibrator. He slaps my face again. "Now you may cum, slut." He tells me. Without hesitation my body tenses up, I feel light headed. "This is it, I can cum now." I think to myself. My pussy gets tighter. "Yes, girl, that's it, cum all over me." He proclaims. I feel as if I was lifted off the floor, as my body orgasms harder than it ever has before, my juices flow out of my pussy onto his cock, which is still pumping, and over his body.

Still pumping my tight contracting pussy, he tells me to open my mouth and be ready for my treat. I do as I am told, and open my mouth to await. He pulls out, cock slaps my face one last time, and cums all over my face and in my mouth. I can feel heavy breath from above me.

"Good girl." He replies, as he goes to put his clothes back on.

I still lay there, bound and gagged on the floor. He starts to unhook me, and takes out the gag, and takes off the blindfold. He grabs my hair and tells me to get back on all fours. Only thing that I have on is the collar and leash. He takes my leash and leads me to a cage. "Get in there, girl." He says. "You are now mine for my using." A euphoric pleasure comes over me, as I curl up on a soft silk pillow in my cage, and fall asleep.

Neuroticax© distribution - 2007

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Hmm... maybe one of these nights I'll feel creative and make a Good Girl 2. :D

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