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First go at this - just a fantasy that keeps running through my mind - first of 4-5 chapters.

"Weekend Plans"


"Well I'm heading home, it's been a long week" said Dr. Lesly.

"Any special plans for the weekend?" asked Linda

"I was planning on taking some work home, but Josh sent me a short text message 'weekend planned, no work allowed', so I've decided to do as he hinted and leave my laptop and work here for a change."

"Any ideas what he has planned?"

"No not really, but ...... well I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Have a good weekend and I'll see you Monday". As I walked out of the hospital my mind was still full of the events of the week. And much as I hate to admit it, it stayed that way for most of the hour plus drive to Josh's. It wasn't until I was getting off the freeway that my mind started to wander and wonder about his text message.... 'Weekend planned’.... maybe he's planned a surprise weekend away - unlikely since I needed to be back home by early afternoon on Sunday ....maybe a nice quiet dinner somewhere .... Maybe a weekend of rest & relaxation and intercourse & intoxication - or R&R and I&I as we call it. That would work for me I thought as I started smiling. Then I remembered that Josh had asked me to wear the one button down dress that I have. Definitely has something to do with R&R and I&I as my smile got bigger and nipples started to tingle. Now I couldn't wait to get there.

Despite my guess I certainly didn't expect him to be waiting for me in the garage. As I get out of the car and the garage door starts to close he walks up and gives me a bear hug and instantly stars kissing my lips and quickly moves on to the side of my neck, sending goose bumps up and down my spine. He so knows how to get me going.

"Glad you remembered to wear the dress I asked you too" he says between nibbles on my neck and ear. And before I know it he's starting to unbutton my dress...... "Oh, you're wearing your strapless bra slip, perfect, absolutely perfect" as he pushes the dress off my shoulders and it falls to the floor.

"So is this what's planned for the weekend?" I ask in a soft teasing voice.

"Oh this and so much more" he replies mischievously and then he slips a blindfold over by eyes. Before I can say a thing he's whispering in my ear "Shhhhh, just stand here quietly for a moment." The next thing I know he's placing restraint bands on my wrists.

"What are you doing? We're standing in the middle of the garage."

"You'll know in a minute" as he lifts one arm up and hooking it to something over my head and as I start asking again "What ....?", he takes my other arm and does the same.

I'm standing in the garage, blindfolded, arms retrained over my head. I'm feeling confused, a little anxious and excited all at the same time. "Josh, please .....".

"Shhhhh" he responds as he starts kissing my neck and rubbing his hands up and down my body, all over my back, my butt, and my breasts. Then ever so slowly he starts peeling down my bra slip until it's lying at my feet. My body is tingling with excitement and anticipation. My nipples are becoming erect and my labia are starting to throb and swell. He continues caressing my body. On one level I'm loving it and on another I'm still feeling anxious.

Suddenly Josh is quietly whispering in my ear once again.

"Anne, as of now you are mine to do with as I please. I'm in complete control for the whole weekend. Nothing I do will be hurtful or harmful. I will be deciding everything. You will do whatever I want you to, whenever I want you to. If I want to play with you I will. If I want to eat you out I will. If I want you to suck me you will. If I want to fuck you I will. If I want to make you cum I will. I'll tell you what to wear or not wear. What to do or not do. I'll say it again since I want to be sure you understand - I'm in complete control, you are my captive, mine to do with as I please."

With each sentence he spoke I get wetter and wetter as well as more anxious. Can I let go and let him be in complete control? Should I try to resist? What happens if I do? As these thoughts bounce around in my head I feel him slid his hand into my panties and push one finger rapidly against my clit. All thoughts of resistance disappear. Suddenly my panties are off and once more he is rubbing me all over. Up and down my legs, my thighs, my butt, my back, my arms, my breasts - there's not an inch of me that he doesn't touch and stroke. Oh my god it feels divine. I can't help but start to moan.

And then Josh is talking to me again, not in a whisper, but with excitement and glee. "Oh this is even better than I expected. I get to see and touch all of you. Front, back, sides. I can play with your butt and your nipples at the same time. With your arms stretched up above your head, your breasts and nipples to stick out even more.” Suddenly he's sucking my nipples and the tingling increases and sends shooting sensations into my vagina. "Oh god I don't want you to stop, please don't stop" I mumble. And then his fingers are slowly caressing between my buttocks and around my rectum as he continues to suck my nipples. More, I want more .............

I can hear him grinning as he asks "Like that do you? Well I have no intention of stopping at least not yet? What else shall I do?" And once again his hands are roaming all over my body. Now he is stroking the insides of my thighs, pushing my legs apart. His fingers move inside my vagina, stroking and plunging. Now they are out, moving up and down my legs. As I'm savoring every sensation I realize that he's placing restraint bands on my ankles. I want to see what he's doing, but I can't. Now he's tying my right ankle to a restraint bar of some sort. My feet are about 6 inches apart as he starts pushing them further and further apart. As I start to resist, his fingers are stroking my clit and sliding in and out of my vagina and all I want is more. His hand moves down my leg and ties my left ankle in place.

Completely restrained - in a way I never imagined.

Once again Josh is whispering in my ear. “Anne, this is so cool, so much better than I ever imagined. I love that I can get to every inch of you so easily. You're mine to play with, to tease, to enjoy!" I feel him standing right next to me, straddling my leg, one hand playing with my nipples, the other gently rubbing my neck. And then his hand slowly moves down my back until he is softly, but insistently stroking between my vagina and rectum as he continues playing with my nipples.

I'm so close to cuming and he keeps teasing me, taking me up and down. Once again his hand starts to wander down my abdomen. I can hardly stand it. I want him to play with my clit. "Oh please" I moan. "Soon" he replies, "soon'. And suddenly he's there, his finger rapidly tapping on my clit. I'm going higher and higher, his finger movement changes as it lessen a little bit and now another change in movement and I feel as if I can't stand it, "oh my god" I scream as I feel myself orgasm. The stroking becomes lighter and slower.

"Take a deep breath Anne. Deep breath in, slowly breath out" I hear from somewhere beyond me. And still he keeps slowly stroking, round and round my clit. Now he's stroking the front and back together. His fingers meet in the middle and then I feel them moving away from my vagina to the rectum with one hand and to the clit with the other and then back to my vagina - over and over and over. Everything is throbbing and pulsating. All there is, is this - his hands, his fingers, my vagina and clit. I'm coming again - in big huge waves, my legs are shaking. His fingers are in my vagina and he's stroking my G-spot. "Deep breaths” I hear again as I feel myself going higher and higher. I think I'm going to explode and still he keeps stroking. I'm shaking and moaning and still he keeps stroking. Suddenly I scream, spasm and squirt. Laughter bubbles up from inside me ....... amazing, absolutely amazing..............

Josh steadies me as my legs feel like jelly. He slips off the blindfold as he kisses my face so the first thing I see is his smiling, loving face. "Take a few more deep breaths, lean against me. Now look around, look at yourself I want you to see yourself restrained, stretched out before me." he tells me. I have a sense of disbelief to see myself stretched out and restrained like this. And yet it is so erotic and so exciting...........

Slowly, ever so slowly Neal starts to once again stroke my body. Part of me is aching for more and part of me feels as if my legs will buckle underneath me at any moment. I start to ask him to release the restraints when he covers my mouth with his hand ......."Remember I'm in control, not you. I'll decide when you've had enough, when we're done and I'm not quite through yet." He starts sucking my nipples once more and once again I feel my labia and vagina start to throb. His sucking continues as his fingers find their way once more to my clit. Ever so lightly he strokes my clit – up and down, round and round as he slowly increases the pressure and pushes me right to the edge and keeping me there for what seems to be an eternity. Ever so slowly he stops stroking my clit as my legs feel as if they are ready buckle underneath me. He reaches up and releases one of the restraints and then the other. He stops sucking and slowly moves down my body with little licks, nibbles and kisses until his hands reach my ankles and the ankle restraints are released. It's all I can do to stand.

Josh wraps me in a hug and kisses my neck once again. "Let’s go inside so you can lie down before we eat dinner - which by the way you will do in the nude. After all I might just be in the mood to reach over and play with your nipples some more or maybe tie you to the chair after we've eaten", he says with a big smile on his face.

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