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I know that the "medical fetish" is one that I do not share, but know a bit about. If you go to some of the other websites, like Kitty's toyroom, they have a whole section of medical toys to play with. Speculums, piercing toys, anal probes etc. The Medical fetish is one where the people involved like to play with such toys and really get into "seeing" what a doctor can see. For example, using a speculum to open up the vaginal canal and look inside or feel inside. Some people use the medical clamps as clit or nipple clamps for the added tightness.

There are also a smaller group (or could be larger) of people who like the idea of a "sterile" environment. They like white sheets, sterilized equipment, latex gloves, etc. These people "perform" things on one another.

I find this fascinating, but I don't much get into it.

I hope that gives you a little more info!


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I asked one of my friends, who is a bit of an expert on fetishes, and he says that medical fetishers also like to experiment with enemas, bathing (as in sponge baths) sometimes wear diapers (advanced age play or baby play) play doctor / nurse; pretend surgeries (sympathy highs); experimentation with restraints and gags and even mumification.

He also said sometimes in the most extreme form, medical fetishers like to have an actual nurse involved to take actual blood, stool samples, semen samples, etc. and they get off because of it.

I hope that gives you more information. Your post put me on a quest to find the most information I could. I think now I will check that site you directed us to.


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