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I will admit it, when I saw this toy I thought, "that looks just like a crab claw." Well, I no longer care what this toy looks like, cause honey, it works GREAT! This toy has a totally stimulating design - the curved shaft bends upward to provide optimal penetration and G-Spot stimulation when placed correctly - and the 'bulb' on the tip is very stimulating, the 'swoosh' as it is called (or the bottom of the claw) is thin and provides great clitoral penetration, the material is 'silcione like' - not sticky, not jelly like, firm, but allows for flexibility, the controllers are unique. There is a control panel on the base of the toy with easy to use controls. A separate switch for 'off' is convienient, and then the 'auto' button provides a surprise function assortment and the remaining 6 buttons provide different sensations and pulsations. F1 is my favorite - high and constant vibrations. A separate, cordless controller is also availalble with a 20-foot range! You can insert and your lover can operate - now that sounds like a collaberation I would be into!

So, what does all this mean? The long and short of it is - the uniquely shaped shaft is flexible and provides perfect penetration and pressure. When I inserted this toy with just a little maneuvering I found my G-Spot. While I was not completely satisfied with the G-spot pressure because then the clitoral stimulator was at the wrong angle, I found I could adjust the angle and the pressure to provide decent INTERNAL stimulation as well as clitoral stim. This is how I got my first orgasm - then once I was warmed up, I changed pressure to go for the G-Spot - but it was a little tricky to get the clitoral stim with the G-Spot pressure - but I did it. It was worth the effort!

The 'swoosh' clitoral stimulator vibrates very fast and provides some fantastic stimulation. However, it might not be at just the right level for some women. We are all made differently ya know! All in all, this toy has everything you need (or that I needed) to have a fantastic series of orgasms! G-Spot orgasm, clitoral orgasm -you can have both with this clever toy. Plus, your partner can help you play by operating the vibrations and pulsations - now that could be fun! Soft, quiet, hypoallergenic - and comes with a nice storage pouch! Invest in your pleasure - get a Grrrll's Toy - the Remote Body Wave - and send your body into orgasmic waves of pleasure!

FYI: You will need 1 9-Volt for the toy and 2AAA for the controller.

Mikayla's Rating: 4 out of 5 Screaming Os!

Ride the Body Wave

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