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I was not sure what this little creme was for - the label wasn't helping me out - but I finally decided it was a massage cream. It is NOT latex or condom compatible, NOT safe to ingest, and is NOT safe for intercourse. Massage only please!

So that is what we did, have a massage party! I was not as pleased with this cream as I have been some of the other lotions and massage products, it is thick but doesn't last incredibly long. It has a mild lavendar scent, nothing overpowering.

My hubby used this for a 'top only' massage, as we did not want to get it anywhere where it could get inside of me. It felt smooth and silky, but quickly lost its friction. We gave up on the massage fairy quickly and moved on to other things. I will say that my skin felt super soft after it was absorbed, that is definitely a plus!

So, I would say that this is a decent massage creme, but definitely not the best out there. It will soften your skin, but won't do much else.

Mikayla's Rating: 2 out of 5 Screaming Os


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