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DVD-AE-07159.jpgEmerald Rain

Shot on location in South America this movie had the most beautiful backdrops imaginable for a porn. Who wouldn’t feel decadent and sexy making love mid-river with a 100 foot cascading waterfall in the background? Ava Vincent and the other lovely women created pleasing, sensual partners for Evan Stone, Dale DaBone and the other sexy hunks that brought them pleasure. The six pack abs and bulging biceps of the men had me gripping the sheets! The women offered a beautiful array of shapes and sizes for all tastes. Large breasts, small ones, real and fake.

For those of you out there that love explicit sex to go along with your story this is the film for you. An interesting tale of searching the rainforest for the secrets it holds, takes us on an exciting journey into the heat of the jungle. There is a lot of oral sex, some anal, and lots and lots of kissing, caressing, and oh yes...a variety of positions certain to make you long for a good ladder, open beam ceiling, or handy jungle vine to recreate the passion. There is even a little BGB manage a trois action to mix it up a bit!

Sure to bring out the romantic in you, this movie was a big hit with me. Mr. SP, however, could have done without the storyline and just gone right to the action. So if you like less talk and more sex, this is not the movie for you... But, if you like artistic cinematography and an interesting plot to accompany your porn this movie fits the bill.

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