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Weekend Plans - CHAPTER 2

There is a soft glow to the room from the early morning sunlight as I slowly rollover and open my eyes. Josh is still sleeping soundly, breathing deeply. We've slept late - not surprising after last night. My thoughts drift back and I feel my body starting to respond as I think of the touching, teasing, stroking playing and fucking - from the moment I stepped out of the car until we fell into bed and into a deep and satiated sleep.

Sitting at the dinner table with him clothed and me naked was fun and kinky. As he reached over again and again to play with my breasts and nipples I felt as I was becoming more and more desirable. I was so ready for him to tease and tantalize me more. And then he abruptly says "Clear the table and clean up the kitchen I feel like playing on the computer. And oh don't leave the kitchen, just let me know when you're done and I'll tell you what to do next." I sat there surprised, pissed and thinking 'fuck you'. As I stood up he reached for my nipple and gave it a pinch and said, "Don't worry you won't be doing housework all night I've got other plans for you. Just don't try to leave the kitchen, I'll hear you."

Not sure what to expect I took my time picking stuff up and before I had finished Josh walked in. He just stood there watching me and I could see he was planning, considering, deciding. As I bent over to put the last dish in the dishwasher he was suddenly behind me rubbing and stroking between my legs.

"Walk over to the table Leslie, bend over and lay on it, spread your legs so I can play with you from behind. I just love looking at your butt and vagina from behind."

Play, tease, stroke, play, tease stroke. Labia, vagina, clit, labia, vagina clit. His fingers never stopped moving until every part of me was trembling. "More" I moaned, "more" and more he gave me. Suddenly more than his fingers were in me - something big and cold, in and out he plunged it while his fingers continued to play with my clit. Oh god, just thinking about it again has me breathing fast and getting wet. Should I wake him up or let him sleep? I want him, I want him so badly. Then I remember he said not to wake him, no matter what. So I slow down my breathing and lay quietly as I continue remembering the rest of the night.

How did I end up on the dining room table on my back? My legs spread wide and Josh sitting in a chair licking and sucking me to new heights, over and over again. Once again his fingers squeezing and caressing my nipples, playing in my vagina, stroking my legs as he continues to lick and suck my clit. I'm cumming over and over and over. His tongue and my clit are the center of my universe. Suddenly he stops, pulls my legs together and pushes them back towards my shoulders. I'm aware that he is naked too as he stands at the edge of the table, his penis erect and throbbing. He's suddenly in me, filling my vagina, my legs resting on his chest and shoulders. Bigger and bigger he gets, deeper and deeper he plunges. He spreads my legs enough to play once more with my clit. On and on he goes, fucking me harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I could feel him cumming as I start to cum yet again. We both peak, spasm, straining against each other as we gulp for air.

Once again I'm breathing fast, wanting him, wanting to be caressed and stroked by him. My nipples are erect, my vagina is throbbing. As I turn my head I see he is awake and watching me, a smile on his face as he asks "Remembering last night are you?"

Nodding my head yes I reach out to him and he slowly pushes my hands back to my nipple and my pussy. "Anne, I want you to keep thinking about last night and play with yourself. I want to watch you play with yourself."

"But I want to play with you, I want to feel your penis, I want to suck you"

"I don't care if that's what you want, you'll get your chance believe me. Right now I want to watch you masturbate. And as you do tell me what you've been remembering"

I rest my hand on my pussy with one finger on my clit. "The last thing I was thinking about was lying on the dining room table being fucked by you, how amazing it was, how big you felt, how deep you plunged." And again I reached for his penis.

"No, no Anne." as he pushed my hand back down to my pussy once again. "You are going to play with yourself. I want to see you orgasm without me touching you. Yes the fucking was great, just as the caressing, stroking, sucking and teasing was. I loved that you came over and over and now I want you to do it again. Only this time I'm just going to watch because I want to see how you touch yourself, what you enjoy doing to yourself. Who knows I might learn something new to try."

I could tell by the look on his face nothing was going to change his mind. "Close your eyes Anne and tell me what else you were thinking about from last night"

"The licking and sucking and how it went on and on" and once again I feel my body starting to respond, my vulva throbbing, my wetness increasing even more.

"Play with yourself Anne, and tell me more as you play with yourself". He whispers in my ear.

I feel my breathing quicken as I start rubbing my nipples. "Your fingers seemed to be everywhere". And as I say this I start playing with my clit. It feels so good. "They were in my vagina, moving, massaging, sliding in and out. Caressing first my vulva and then my clit" My fingers are moving faster and faster, up and down, round and round. I slip them into the opening of my vagina and tickle just inside. "Josh I want you to play with me, lick me, suck me." "You're doing just fine by yourself, Anne" And then I find the spot I like best on the right side of my clit, quick strokes up and down, then slowing down to draw it out, softer, lighter then harder and faster. Suddenly I feel my legs start to shake, it's coming and coming hard......oh yes it feels so good!! Once again I start to breath, deep slow breaths as I let myself relax.

I'm aware of Josh watching me and I slowly open my eyes. "Well?" And he just grins and then gives me a kiss. "Now it's time for you to play with me." As I sit up I see that he is already erect and hard. As I touch him he groans. Slowly I go down on him, gently stroking his balls at the same time, finding the spot that sends little spasm through his body. Licking the base and then taking my tongue up and down, flicking it back and forth as I go. As I open wide and slide his penis in my mouth I feel it throbbing and getting bigger. Gently, oh so gently I suck, slowly moving up and down. Little by little I suck harder and harder, faster and faster. He's breathing faster and then not breathing at all. I slow down and he starts to breathe again. Over and over I take him to the edge. More and more he groans. "Oh god how I love doing this, how I love making him lose touch with the world" I think to myself. And then the groans change in pitch, he's almost there. Faster I suck and lick. His penis relaxes just a bit as it always does just before he cums and then it's bigger than ever, pulsating and throbbing. He lets out a long moan as he starts to come in my mouth. My hands take over rubbing and stoking his penis. He ejaculates again and again. I can't swallow fast enough and his cum oozes out of my mouth. Slowly his penis starts to relax and he starts to breathe again. "That was fantastic" he mumbles as he pulls me onto his chest. We both drift off half awake and half asleep. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.

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