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To Shave, Or Not To Shave?

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Definitely shaved! BALD.....no hair! Nothing like runing a good blowjob by having to stop and pick out a hair! That will ruin the moment in a heartbeat. I suggest.....no, I actually demand (nicely :P ) that my husband shave his balls, shaft, ass...anything in his nether region!

Mikayla :P

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Shaving the pubic hair, for both men and women, enhances the sensations of the act. You are able to feel the sensations of your lover kissing, licking, biting, sucking, fingering you much better because the nerve endings are not hidden by the hair.

I highly doubt that the hair would provide enough "cushion" during sex, at least not the way I fuck. Hair bends and folds with pressure, so this idea is absurd to say the least.

Of course I am shaved! 100% Bald baby! I wouldn't be preaching this if I didn't believe in it myself. I get a Brazillian Wax about once every 6 months, and I do the upkeep myself with a standard, men's razor, and a good shave gel.


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