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Vaginal Odor (weird Email I Got)


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I got the most ODD spam email about some new "product" to take to "diminish vaginal odor (VO)" Now, in my personal experiences, if the woman keeps her self clean and has no infections, there is no "horrible odor" like they make it sound in the spam mail. Yes, naturally a woman is going to have some "smell" to her, but not some horrific "odor".

Now, people (I'm leaving the gender end of this open for those who are bi or gay/lesbian), I'm guessing that through different parts of a woman's cycle, her "smell" changes and does it ever offend you even tho you know its just the "time" for that???

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CL, you are correct, that a woman should not "smell" at least not badly. But women do have odors that range in "metallic" in nature to bad depending on infections and cleanliness! I also would submit that there is not one woman alive, no matter how clean and meticulous, who does not have a slight "odor" right before, during, and the day after her period. Since it is just the body cleansing itself of blood, the blood smells, ergo....the woman's nether region smells like the blood.

So, you are correct that during a woman's cycle, this smell changes. It also changes with diet. Women who eat sour, garlicy or acidic foods can excrete a different odor when they are "excited" and have lubrication. One sure fire way to experiment with this is eat some asparagus...within one hour your pee will smell like asparagus and if you have sex that night, your cum will have the slight odor of asparagus! It is the same with some other foods.

So, I have not heard of this product, but I just feel a woman's odor is natural and appealing - the "natural" odor - not the odor of those women who don't clean correctly. So, I would be hard pressed to try those products.

However, I have tried these personal wipes by Vagisil that are designed for quick clean up before sex. You keep them in your drawer in the bathroom or in your purse. You give your 'gina a quick wipe before sex, and whal-la...you are fresh and clean for your impending intimacy!

What woman doesn't like to be super fresh, right? I use them frequently and I love them. It is especially nice for us shaved girls, gives a nice tingle!

So, those are my thoughts on THAT subject!



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I haven't tried the Vagisil wipes yet...glad to hear a positive response about them! I do keep unscented baby wipes in the headboard for times like that.

I still find it such a scam playing on women's sexuality that someone is "marketing" a health aid for Vaginal odor.

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