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My Husband and a friend were planning on going to the movies. This friend is married and he is pretty whipped. I kept saying "he is going to call you and say he cant go because she wont let him." So we made a bet about it. I bet him that if his friend canceled, He had to give me oral and use my new vibe on me at the same time. If they ended up going then, I had to perform using 2 toys for him until I cum, with no help from him, just watching.

He won, they went to the 9pm show of Ironman...

He got home from the movies. I was in the bathroom getting ready. I dressed up in some hot black lingerie. OK so I went out into the living room and he was surprised, He said, "I was starting to feel tired but now I am wide awake" :)

So I went over and straddled him. (oh boy it is weird writing this but whatever) He was very aroused. He put his hands on my breasts and squeezed them a little. Then his hands were on my ass. Grabbing me and then a couple of love slaps. We were making out pretty heavy and then I lay down on the couch and we started grinding. Then he stopped and said HEY! It's time to pay up! (LOL) I said, "Can I kiss it first?" Of course he said yes. So I gave him some oral for a while until I was afraid I might go too far, he was moaning so loud. I stopped and said lets go to the bedroom.

When we got there, he almost ripped off my undies! I turned around and started going down on him again. then I stopped and said OK You choose the toys.

He choose my pink creamsicle and the little pocket rocket I just got. I didn't know if I could handle both at the same time, (they are pretty strong) but I said lets just see...

So he sat back where he could watch. I started stroking myself with the creamsicle. Up and down then I inserted it and started stroking my clit with my fingers while moving the vibe in and out and around. He was saying OH baby I am so hard. Then I turned it ON...

I kept moving it and stroking myself, I came and then started to have multiples which seemed like forever. He was saying how sexy I am. I said do you want me to take it out? Do you want to put it in me? (meaning his penis) He said yes and grabbed the vibe and started fucking me with it!!! I came so many times. Then I grabbed the pocket rocket and said hey, I want you inside me while I use this. He obliged. He slid inside me and I started using the little vibe on my clit. OMG Awesome. I came over and over. Then I put it away and we just kept going...

So here we are going at it and he tells me he is going to cum. I could tell, he was so hard and really thrusting. I could feel my own O building too. I said Oh GOD I am too. And then we did. WHEW! Talk about mind blowing!

But wait there's more!

I was laying there in a semi coma while he went to go clean up, now mind you I still have on my outfit. I am laying there and he comes back. I said, "Wow honey that was awesome. You know I could still keep going." He then tells me, "Well I am actually getting hard again looking at you. I could use that little vibe on you until I am ready..." I was surprised and of course I said OK.

So he started using the little rocket on me. I actually came again and like 3X more. I started stroking him and I used the vibe on the back of my hand so my hand sort of conducted the vibrations to his penis. He liked it. Then he was ready. So we started fucking again and I came almost immediately after he put it in. (GOD I am so HOT writing this, 3 kids in the next room, I better control myself!) Then I turned around and he started doing me from behind. I could feel a huge build up starting that I cant even describe. I said OH Baby I wish you could fuck me all night, He moaned really loud. I whispered, yeah all night...

He then announced that he was going to cum again. I was too and SO HARD. He was yelling during his orgasm "OOOHHH SO FUCKING GOOD!"...

BEST sex ever BAR NONE! I still feel weak. I wonder how we'll top this one!!!

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