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Anal Beads

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My bf and I have just gotten into anal play and purchased a set of anal beads. They don't seem too exciting, but I also don't think we're using them properly. Can anyone tell us the proper use and any good tips they've learned?

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Anal beads can be a little tricky to use, because you really should be taking them OUT of your ass as you are orgasming in order to get the best effect. There are a few ways to use them to your greatest benefit.

First, use them to provide your man with and extra "ridge" in your vagina while he is having sex with you. The wall between your vagina and your anal canal is very thin, so if the beads are in there, he should be able to feel them rubbing on his cock. Then, when you are about to cum, start pulling them out slowly, being careful not to get them out before you cum. It takes some practice, but if you do it right and get the timing perfect, you will definitely get a good orgasm out of the deal!

You can also use them to stretch yourself a little for anal play with a vibrator or a plug or even your man's cock. If you like the sensation of the beads, you will like the sensation of something larger eventually.

You can also use the beads to rub up against your clit, as in put them up and down in your vaginal crack so the bumps massage your clitoris. ONLY do this if they are CLEAN...do not cross contaminate!

Those are just a few suggestions for you!


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