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Can you tell your man what YOU want in bed? Do you ask him what he wants you to do? Guys, does it turn you on to hear your lover talking dirty and asking what you want her to do? Well, this film is perfect for those desires! These HOT girls talk to YOU, yes, look right in the camera and ask you what you would like to see them do to the lucky, LUCKY guys they are banging! It is ingenius really, the idea of hot, horny women putting on a show just for YOU - or so it seems!

These gals say all the dirtiest words and do all the dirtiest deeds. While this film does lack anal scenes and girl on girl - there is more than enough hot hetero sex to last a lifetime. My favorite was Nikita Denise with her sexy Russian accent getting a MASSIVE 4-FINGER fingerbang - now that is what I am talking about!

Sexy bodies (but smaller boobs than I usually like), shaven snatches (or nice landing strips) and horny, horny, hot talk - these gals will turn you on and quick! Whatever your desires are, these girls will do it for you and talk you through it all as they go. These girls definitely know what they want, the question is, do YOU?

Tell THEM what YOU want

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That sounds HOT! I think my hubby would love that he has a Bday coming up maybe I will buy it for him!! Thanks for the like always GREAT Review!!

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