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Going thru our toy box looking at all the different size batteries I need to keep on hand got me wondering about what brands ya'll use.... So...

When it comes to batteries for your toys do you think there is any difference power wise between the expensive batteries and the cheapo batteries?

Where to you buy your batteries? wholesale clubs? online?

Where is best place to buy the cell type batteries aka watch batteries?

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There are many technologies that revolve around the battery that is going to be used. This is especially true with cameras and I am sure that it is also true with many other things. I am willing to bet that the technology that is put into some of the toys are the same. That being said, an energizer in one toy may not work as well as a duracell or a rayovac depending on what sort of battery the technology was designed for. We use rechargable duracell and energizer batteries here.


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