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    In bed so that our bodies were a T formation, her on her back me on my side. Her right leg held high and me penetrating deep with motions ranging from slow to fast.
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    Just ask, I'll tell you most anything.
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    this household has many
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    My Daughter, runes, games, exploring Maine, and our multitude of animals.
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  1. I would not prepared for such things. I don't see myself like that and came fathom someone else setting it either. I'd be awkward as all get out with someone after a compliment. Shoot, I'm awkward after plain every day compliments.
  2. Lay on your side in bed in a sitting posture and let him enter you from behind. Even with being o erweight, that can grant access. Also, remember that you have more than your vagina going for you. Oral and handjobs can make a huge difference. Good luck. Randy
  3. I was never scared and in fact was quite excited. I had it put in my head early on in my sexual education that a man can do infinitely more with his tongue than his cock and fingers would ever do. The taste, the sounds of bringing pleasure all kept anxiety at a minimum. Randy
  4. Possibly...I put in for a job that would transfer me a few thousand miles away. Tpbm is constantly amazed by their child.
  5. Oddly enough, never had a manifest Pediatrics and my fingernails are near perfect save for a place where I damaged the nail bed. Tpbm is looking at a possible promotion and transfer.
  6. Not last night but all is well. I sleep with her every night. Tpbm has too much to do around the house today.
  7. You have to decide whether to trust her or not. It isn't fair to restrict her relationships. I would let her know flat out, though that she is being secretive about it and that makes you uncomfortable. I think once she is open about this guy, you will fell much better. Additionally, flirting is just that...everyone who isn't a total introvert does it and it can be very harmless and actually be a boon to your sexlife so long as it doesn't cross the line. randy.
  8. Dough I know, I am a slave to commercialism.
  9. Have you tried prolonging your foreplay? It just might be that you need other stimulation to take your mind off what it automatically goes to when you're having your play time. In this case, you need to find a way to stop thinking about it to allow you to get past your premature climax and then forget about it some more to find the second O. Easier said then done, but you just might be able to figure out a way to do so. Randy.
  10. Lay down on you side as if you were sitting in a chair and let him enter from behind. Interesting angles to be had there, leaves hands free to roam front and back, gives you control to be open and more loose or close your legs for more friction. Randy.
  11. Said to a transportation operator asking us to take an early delivery. "Sure, we'd be happy to take the load."
  12. The want and desire is fine, the road you choose to follow should you not get what you want is what is unrealistic. Don't let his lack of desire and care dictate your happiness. There comes a time when thetalking is done, the one-sided attempts at reconciliation are over, and you have to be strong enough to realize you are not married to the person you thought you were. Be strong enough to let go of the familiar, the status quo, and make your happiness another way. Randy.
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