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I mean it feels really nice but I don't know if it looks good on me. I have a tiny cesarean scar from when I gave birth one time. Granted, the doc did a wonderful job but you can still see it a little. And a the very top towards my belly, the beginning of my crevice is crooked--goes off to the left slightly. :( And I get red dots from growback like you wouldn't believe.

But I am so tired of trimming my pussy hair just so. And none grows where my c-section scar is. And I have to tug on it when cutting the hair and this has me thinking I might not be as firm and pulled in-looking anymore from this effort--without my hair to cover the fact.

I don't have other women to compare my thang to. On porn sites, the girls are always spread so it's hard to tell if I look stretched out compared. Very few are just standing naturally or laying with legs together.

I don't know--wish I felt better about how I look shaved. Maybe a piercing to cover the cleft going off to the side would help raise my confidence. Is too high for any sexual stimulation, tho. This problem is way higher than the hood--if I even have one. I don't know about that either--I looked and I don't see one.

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Let me ask you this: Does being shaved make your sensation feel better? I know it does me. Does being shaved make you feel sexier in general? I know it does me.

I think that we as women spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME analyzing every little nook and cranny of ourselves trying to defend and explain our scars, flaws, flab and differences! You had a baby - not only that - you had major surgery to get that baby out! That scar is a badge of womanhood - what could be sexier to any man?

So you have a little "cleft" did you call it? Who wants to look at a stamp of a pussy anyway? I think the wonderful thing about a woman's body (or a man's) is that they are all different. Pussies are different in size, shape, fullness......it is what makes us "unique."

I, for one, do not put much time into worrying about how my shaved pussy looks! My hb likes it, I love it, and if it doesn't look like a porn stars (which I am SURE it does not) then so be it. It is MY pussy.

So, my advice to you is, if you like the feel, and you like the overall look, keep it shaved.

If you want to cover up because it makes you insecure, then try a landing patch of hair to cover the spot you don't like! Compromise is the spice of life!

Good Luck...and remember, we are our own best advocates!

Mikayla B)

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i love having no pussy hair. Oral sex feels so much better this way! My man loves it bald that way he can see everything when he performs oral on me. I shave almost daily...just to keep the stubs in check....also i rub sugar oil srcubs on my pubis area to aviod ingrown and red bumps. Just be careful and not get any scrubs on ur (bottom lips) might not be pleasant.

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