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Brazilian Island Ii


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With an island paradise setting and many different kinds of sex, this DVD has something for everyone. One thing I especially liked was the fact the background music was background music and not covering up all of the wonderful moans and whimpers. The camera work for this DVD is awesome. The view changes enough to keep you interested and watching, but not so much that you get bored. The sex scenes were very hot between very attractive men and women. There were sections of anal, girl-on-girl, and straight sex. The exotic setting really helped add to the sexiness.

There were some parts of this DVD that were not as great. At the beginning there is this girl strutting, posing, writhing, licking her fingers, and overacting in front of the camera for way too long. It was so over the top I actually started giggling. Her solo scene was also edited weird so she went back and forth between clothed and unclothed. I actually got so bored I fast forwarded until the guy showed up. There were various interludes between many of the scenes, though none as over the top as the first girl. If those moments don’t do much to turn you on, at least you can have a bit of a laugh until the real stuff starts.

This DVD is a great deal with a little bit of everything and a low price. The setting is beautiful, the actors are hot, and the sex is pretty amazing. Brazilian Island II has earned itself a high place in my adult DVD collection.

Bazilian Island II

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