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I walk down the hall to the bedroom after a long hot bath. On the door is a note "Princess, I have laid out something for you, put it one, light some candles, and meet me in the living room." I smile, knowing what kind of night its going to be when you call me Princess. On the bed i find my favorite lavender lotion, a black garter belt, black fish net stocking, and black ribbon tie up pumps. I take my time getting ready, letting the anticipation build. I like the candles and walk out to the living room.

You are sitting on the couch wearing nothing but jeans, and dangling my pink leather restraints from your finger. You stand up and circle around me. "Open your legs a little bit Princess." i do as I am told. You trail a finger tip down my arm to my wrist and secure the restraint, then the same to the other arm. Letting your hands rest on my hips you pull me back against you so i can feel how pleased you are with me. I can already feel the wetness between my thighs. "Close your eyes Princess." you slide the collar around my neck and I suck in a breath as you run the cold chain of the leash over my hard nipples and attach the leash to the collar. "Are you wet Princess?" "yes." You slap the leather handle of the leash on my bottom " Yes what Princess." I know what I was supposed to say, but I didn't.

"yes sir."

"thats better." you whisper in my ear as you lightly slap my lips with the handle. I don't even try to hold back A moan. You lead me to the bedroom and close the door. "Down on you're knees Princess." I get down leaving me eye level with the growing buldge in your jeans. You unbutton your jeans, and slide the zipper down, and step out of your jeans. watching you stroke your self makes me whimper with need, and I lick my lips when I see that drop of fluid slide over your head. "Do you want to suck me Princess?" You take your head and brush it over my bottom lip, instinctively i stick my tongue out to taste you, but you pull away. "not yet Princess." i start to squirm to try and get some relief from the ache between my thighs. You place a blindfold over my eyes and i can feel my pussy clenching. "oh god he hasn't even started yet and i need to cum." I think to myself. "lick your lips and open your mouth."

Oh finally! you slide your cock slowly into my mouth and begin to move in and out. Instinctively i push my head forward to take more of you, but you pull away. I moan in protest. but you give it back in and sink your fingers into my hair and hold my head in place. "suck my cock princess." you push back into my mouth. I moan against your cock as you hold my head still and push into my mouth. Without warning you pull your cock away. You pull me up by my arms and guide me over to the bed......

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