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Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricant


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Swiss Navy Flavored Lube

I am a person who loves when I open my box and find a new lube to try. Can anyone have too many lubes? I don't think so. Swiss Navy's flavored lubricant is in a nice looking bottle, almost reminds me of a Tommy body spray bottle I had seen in the stores. It has a pump dispenser that makes it east to get the right amount you want.

Being that it is a flavored lube it does get sticky, but it was not too sticky for me. I had the Wild Cherry flavor, my all time favorite flavor for lollipops or any another things I may want to suck on. The flavor is very tasty, not too strong and not too weak. It reminded me of the old dime store candy sticks I used to buy as a kid when I would stay with my grandparents. I applied some lube to my hubby's erect penis and rubbed it in, what my husband will not do for the stake of testing. :) The lube didn't dry out, needing a reapplication. As well as the stickiness was not that bothersome. The flavor lasted surprisingly long as did the lube itself. After a session of licking and sucking, the flavor only faint I could still feel his penis was very well lubed. The lube is water based so if any gets on your sheets it's easy enough to clean up.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite lube from my collection but I have to add this lube to my list of ones I need to keep on hand. I could not find any drawback to this lube, even the stickiness is better than some I have bought from my local toy store. I know I will be trying the other flavors in the future.

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Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricant

Flavors too good to be lubes!


I have never been a real big fan of flavored lubes but this Swiss Navy Strawberry Kiwi was great. I was trying to think of the best way to use is it so when hubby and I were getting ready to go to bed I brought out the lube for a nice good night blow Job. Better then a good night kiss wouldn't ya say!

The bottle comes with a pump dispenser that has a lock mechanism so you do not have to worry about it spilling. So I decided I was going to put a little on hubby and before I went down on him and boy did it make for a nice tasty treat. This is a water based lube and one pump goes a long way. The strawberry kiwi was not too sweet and I think it has just enough flavor to add excitement to any body treat.

As I rubbed down his penis I noticed how slick it was and also it was not leaving too much of a sticky residue. So now we are lubed up and ready to go. As I insert his penis in my mouth I am amazed at how well it tasted, most flavored lubes leave you with an artificial taste in your mouth that is not all that appealing but this one just made it so easy that I thought I was sucking on a lollipop which of course hubby enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much my mouth was watering from the flavor.

Hubby was so intrigued with how much I was enjoying this that he proceeds to use a little bit on me. He said that it makes a nice addition to oral and that the taste was very appealing. He said it was not too strong in fact it was just right. I am very sensitive in that area and I did not notice any irritation at all which was an added bonus for me.

Cleaning up was a breeze we there was not any stickiness left over so just a quick rinse off is all that was needed. I would recommend this lube if you are looking for something to give you a little bit more incentive to giving more blow jobs because it did the trick for me.

For a nice tasty treat!!

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All the flavors available look yummy! Thanks for the great reviews!!

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