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Running A Train On Teen


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i was wondering if any females ever give into 3 or more guys and let them run a train on them (gangbang)?

we met this young girl she was 18 just started community college...me and a few friends were drinking a few beers and was having fun and realized that this girl parked in vacant parking lot of old store was having car problems. sex was not on our minds....we went over to see if we could help her get her car started, she said she had no money but would do anything we wanted if the car was fixed so she could get home to meet her boyfriend who was coming home from the service for a few months. the problem was a faulty battery connection and within 30 minutes the car was fixed.while we are fixing the cable this girl starts flirting and lifting the edge of her skirt and rubbing her tits.....at this point sex was beginning to enter my thoughts...as well as my friends. when were were done with the car she asked us if we thought she was hot. of course she was...18 years old, big titties that looked fake, but were real, and a great basketball shaped ass....long brown hair and big green eyes. she was fuckin' awesome. we told her she was a cute girl.her comment to us was i reallly appreciated you guys getting my car to start....now i want to get you guys off. the lot was vacant but cars were consatantly going by....the idea of fucking this little girl in public was exciting. were all are 28 and over....and the thought of plugging a teenager was making my cock throb.she lifted the hatch on her car and bent over into the cargo area and said she wanted it hard and fast. i lifted her skirt and she had a fat, thick, hairless pussy that was awesome.....she shaved it and it was so thick and wet...i got on my knees and sucked her clit and licked her ass....i was worried that i might be to rough with her, but she agreed to have it rough. i'm 6"4 245 lbs and my cock is around 10" long and about 4"girth....so i'm a big boy.i fucked this girl so hard that my balls were sore for days....my nuts were slapping against her ass so hard....i would fuck and then my friends would jump on...this happened for about an hour...she did'nt really want to have double penetration but we managed to talk her into it....i lube her asshole up with ky jelly she had...she said fuck me easy in my ass but, i just could'nt....my cock was bottoming out inside her ass against something...she was screaming like crazy and we finally had to hold her mouth shut.her eyes were rolled back and all.....it was the most awesome fuck i've ever had.her on the other hand....it may be a while before she wants to fuck 5 guys. we covered her face in cum..all in her hair, her eyes, up her nose, johnny shot cum in her ear, we throat fucked the chick...it was awesome. needless to say her pussy was well used and her as will be sore for weeks...i fell bad that her boyfriend will not be getting any today...she could hardly stand up and walk.good thing is she cleaned up her face...got most of the cum out of her hair and left somewhat smiling.the girl was named amber....she is the best piece of pussy i've ever fucked.

has any of you ladies been gangfucked? did you like it? would you do it again?

email me if you are interested in an erotic sex tlak partner.....fordracingfan88@hotmail.com

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One question....you didn't have sex on your mind..but yet you carried "K-Y jelly" around for the possibility of double penetration sex with a barely legal girl? :angry:


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I don't think Dale Jarrett would appreciate his NASCAR number being associated with a post like that. You'd best get a new email addy.

Did STD or HIV ever enter your mind?? Hell, if you have KY...where's Trojan or Astroglide in your ever ready sex box??

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