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My friend, Lilly, is staying with us while she recovers from a bad breakup. She has long blonde hair, smaller breasts than mine, and a much smaller waist. I am not jealous that she might steal you away. You find her shallow and boring, so I am not worried. But she does want you.

At first I told her, no, straight out. I don’t share. But her idea intrigued me. You have been good to me lately, so maybe you deserve to be rewarded. Hmmm. Definitely something to think about.

Later that week, you are lying in bed, stroking your hard cock, waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. “Trevor?” I call softly from the bathroom. “Yeah, baby girl?” you respond. I come out of the bathroom wearing sexy blue satin lingerie that barely covers my rosy nipples and is open at the crotch. I pose against the wall, as you groan and let your cock stand free and tall, to show your approval of my chosen outfit.

“Trevor, since you have been such a good boy lately, I have decided that you deserve a reward.” You think to yourself, Jodi, has let me tie her up, spank her, dump milk all over her, shove my cock so far up her throat she gags, call her every name I can think of, and she let’s me in her back door anytime I want. What more could this woman possibly think up to reward me with, that she hasn’t already done?

I smile slyly, as I open the bathroom a little wider. Lilly is standing behind me in an identical outfit, only in green instead of blue. “Lilly was interested in pleasing your big cock with her tongue.” I say, as I saunter slowly into the room. You gulp as we move towards the bed, are bodies moving sinuously in the soft lamp light.

“And I said, that since it is such a large cock, that there would be plenty for us both to have.” I say in a smug throaty voice, as I slowly crawl towards you from the foot of the bed, and Lilly follows hungrily behind me. You moan, as you see my huge breasts pop out of the tiny lace that was holding them back, as I advance towards your big throbbing pole.

Without any more words, I take your long cock deep into my mouth, and slowly suck it back up to the tip. Lilly sucks on your huge balls one by one, as my hot mouth slides slowly down your hard spike. You groan as my teeth scrape across the sensitive tip, back and forth. As I nibble around the large bulbous tip, Lilly licks up your long shaft. We both use our tongues on the long shaft, licking it like it was an ice cream cone.

Sometimes, Lilly and I kiss, our tongues combining, as you rub your hard cock on our faces, before we go back to licking your massive dick. While Lilly has moved down to the lower end of your shaft, I take your cock deep into my mouth again. You grab my hair roughly, as you pump your dick up and down, into my hot mouth. One of my hands snakes around your ass, and grips it hard, leaving deep furrows from my long nails.

There is a loud sluuurp sound, as I move my head off your huge cock. Lilly takes her turn, deep throating your cock. She can’t take as much as I can, so she makes up for it using her hand on the long shaft, as she pumps her mouth up and down. I take my breasts completely out of their lace casing, and rub the hard nipples all around you huge cock. Lilly takes her breasts out and does the same thing, sometimes rubbing her breasts on me in the process.

You start to buck your hips frantically, as we squeeze our breasts around your giant spike, our tongues darting out and licking the long shaft. You growl incoherent words, as you pump furiously between our breasts. Then suddenly, you shove me down onto my back on the bed, and shove your hard cock straight up my pussy. I scream with pleasure, as you begin fucking me.

“Oh my god, fuck me, Trevor! Yeah fuck my tight pussy! Yes!!” I moan as you ram your giant cock into me. Lilly decides to straddle my face and have me lick her out while you kiss her. I viciously stick three fingers up her cunt, and fuck her hard with my fingers, as my moans are muffled by her deep snatch.

Lilly moans while I lick circles around her stiff clit, as she bounces up and down. “Yeah Jodi, eat that wet pussy out, while you take my fat cock. Mmm. Yeah. So fucking hot. How does that pussy taste, Jodi? Oh fuck! Yeah!” you groan as you continue to fuck my pussy with your giant cock.

“Trevor! You are so big! Oh fuck! Yes!” I wail as I lick out Lilly’s cunt. She moans my name as I make her cum all over my tongue, and I lick up her cream. She gets off my face, as you pick up the pace. Furiously slamming your hard cock into my tight snatch. I scream your name over and over as you fuck your huge cock in and out. Then you turn me over, spread my cheeks, and ram it right up my ass. I scream as a mix of pleasure/pain rips through me.

“Oh god! Oh god! Fuuuccckkk meeee Trevor!” I scream as your hard cock fucks my tight ass. You growl, “Fuck Jodi! God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I grip the footboard with a death grip, as your cock slams up my back route. “Aaaaaah!! Fuuuuckkk! Yeeeessss! Oh my god! Fuck!!” I practically sob. “Are you close, Jodi? Cause I am almost there. Oh Fuck!” you say as you start to feel the pressure in your balls.

“Oh god yes! … Trevor, I am coming! … Oh Fuck! FUCK!!! YES!!!!” I scream as I break past the point of no return. You groan as you take your dick out of my ass, and turn me over. Lilly and I quickly kneel under you as you pump your exploding cock, with a tight fist. You groan “FUCK!!” as your huge cock sprays our faces with large gobs of hot sticky cum. When you have milked your cock to it’s last drop, we lick your gooey cum off each other’s faces, as you rub your softening cock around against our skin.

We smile up at you as we swallow every last drop of your yummy cum. Then we lay down on the bed beside you, and welcome you with open arms, as you lay down with us. We fall asleep, you with each arm wrapped around a beautiful woman, a hand on one breast of either side, and two hands wrapped around your cock.

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