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Hostage Part Two


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We fall asleep for a little bit, then my arms, and legs start to cramp up from being tied up for so long. “Trevor, baby. It’s time to wake up.” I say quietly. Your arms tighten around me and you rub your face in my breasts, for a bit, before you go back to sleep. “Trevor, come on, baby. Get up for a few minutes.” More smooshing your face around my breasts, and even a little tired sucking of one of my pink nipples, when you find it.

I bite my lip, as the pleasure from you sucking my tit, goes straight to pool warmly deep within my belly. “Trevor, if you don’t get up…” I sigh dramatically. “I guess we won’t be able to use that ping pong paddle.” I laugh, as I feel your hard member rising to attention on my leg. You suck on my nipple a bit more, before you slowly turn to look up at me, and say “Mmm?” I sigh, because you are so cute, with your hair all sticking up, from where you had slept on my boobs.

You sleepily kiss me before you say, “What was that you said about a ping pong paddle?” “Well, I was thinking, I kind of like this hostage thing. But first I would like to be released from my current bonds, if you please.” You release me from my handcuffs and then my leg cuffs. Then you lay back down next to me, with your arm around my middle, and one thigh draped across my own.

With your face, inches from mine on the pillow, you whisper, still sleepily, “Hostage thing?” I turn my head and kiss the tip of your nose, then nibble on your chin a bit, while I explain what I have in mind. “I was thinking, what if I was your hostage, and you tied my hands behind my back…” I pause here to kiss you on the mouth. I bite your bottom lip and suck on it before I let it go. You grin, as I continue, “And since no one is paying my ransom, you have decided to take your reward out of my ass.” Your eyes widen and you pupils dilate, as I continue, “First by spanking, and then with your … mmm … hard … cock.” I bite my lip, as I feel your hard staff stiffening against my leg.

“But no blindfold this time ok?” You nod. “Also, use a bit of lube on my ass this time. You hurt it last time with your huge cock.” You grin sheepishly, as I pinch you on the arm. You retaliate by stroking your hand across my hard nipple. I suck air through my teeth, as you roll the taut nipple between your thumb and forefinger. “Trevor! You mean man. You are killing me, when you know I want you so much already. Hurry and get the lube, so we can start.” You laugh, as you suck my neck, rolling your body out of the bed, as you do, your head and mouth the last things to leave the bed.

I sigh contentedly, as I watch your huge bobbing cock stand tall between your legs, as you come back from the bathroom. “Ok, baby,” I say, as I turn over onto my stomach. “The keyword for you, too, is kiwi. If I am making you uncomfortable with my acting, just say the magic word, and I will be just Jodi, again, ok?” You say, “So, if either of us says kiwi, we stop everything, no matter how close we are, is that right?” as you start to bind my hands together behind my back.

“Yes, that’s right. Now before we become hostage and captor, is there anything else you want to discuss?” You shake your head no, as you bind my feet together. “Ok good. Now you have captured me, so you can call me anything you want, spank me with whatever you want, and stick your dick wherever you want, ok?” You grin, as you nod your head up and down. “Ok, just remember kiwi, if you are uncomfortable.”

When I feel that you are ready, I begin transforming my mind, to that of the hostage. I squirm, testing my bonds, as I look back at you. “I tell you, my father is going to pay the ransom!” You are shocked at how quickly I moved into this game, but you jump right in as well. “It is three days past the deadline. It’s time to pay.” You stroke your cock, as you leer at my exposed body.

“Oh no! What are you going to do?” I ask fearfully. “Well, first I am going to spank that ass until it is red. Then I am going to fuck it!” you say evilly, as you position my ass high in the air. “Oh no! Don’t do that, please! I swear my father will pay the ransom! Please don’t!” I cry pitifully.

“Shut up, bitch!” you yell as you slam the ping-pong paddle down on my ass. I scream, as a mix of pain and pleasure washes through me. You start to spank my ass, as I scream out with the pain and indignity of it all, while secretly I am enjoying it tremendously. My cream drips down my legs, to the bed beneath me, I am so excited.

You cast the paddle away, as you take your hand, and shove it deep into my pussy, taking a handful of my wet juice out, and spread it over my ass, to soothe the stinging pain of the spanking. I find it hard to stay in character, I am so incredibly aroused right now.

“Now, slut, you are going to take my big cock in your ass, because you want it so bad. Isn’t that right, bitch?” you say, as you pull me hair back, so you can see my face. “No! Please don’t put I it in my butt! It’s so big! I am sure my butt will tear!” I cry pitifully, with the beginnings of real tears. “Too bad, cunt. I know you are lying. I know how bad you want this big cock in your tight ass.”

You shove your hand in my pussy again, and pull out several wet fingers. “Don’t believe me? Here lick my fingers clean, bitch!” I tremble with fear, as I do what I am told, my hot tongue darting out to lick my sweet cream off of your long fingers. You groan, as you feel my tongue rasping over your fingers. You, too, are so excited, that you are finding it hard to stay in character.

“See bitch? So you can’t lie to me and say that you don’t want my big throbbing meat pole to be stuck to it’s root deep in your ass. Can you, slut?” you say smugly, as you lube up your giant cock, and my asshole. You pull my hair back again, so you can get my answer.

“Nnn … nno...” I stutter, as real tears fall down my face. I see that the real tears are making you uncomfortable, so I break character. “Come on, Trevor. Fuck me. You are doing so great, don’t stop.” You blink with surprise, as your Jodi disappears in a flash, and the bound hostage is looking at you with fear again. “Please… I’ll pay you anything. Whatever I can…. Please.” I say timidly.

“Too late,” you say, as you spread my cheeks and shove your hard dick up my ass. “Oh yeah! Fuck it hard!” I say unable to stay in character any longer. Nor are you, as you grunt, “Your ass is so tight, Jodi! Oh, fuck this is so hot! Oh fuck!” you moan as you slam your giant dick up my back route.

I move my hips back in time to meet yours, as you fuck my ass. You lay down on my back and cover me like a bitch in heat, as you hump your fat cock into my ass. I cry out, “Fuck meeeee, Trevor! Ah! Yeeeeeesssss! Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuuuucck!” as you bite my shoulder to show your dominance. My vowels elongate, because you are fucking me so hard.

“Fuuuuuckk meeee!!!! Oh, my god, Trevor! Aaaaah! Yes! YES!” I wail, as you ram your thick pole up my ass. “Aaaah! Yes!!! Fuuuuckkk! Oh my gooooooodddd, TREVOR!! Aaaah!!! I’m CUMMING!!!!!” I scream, as I cum so hard, I almost pass out. You hold me up, as you feel your orgasm rocket through you, like it has jet fuel.

Your cock spams, as it shoots hot cum deep into my ass. You use your last amount of energy to pump a last few times, as my tight ass milks you dry. Finally, you reluctantly pull out, my ass still gripping your cock, like it never wants to let it go. As we collapse on the bed, all you hear before you black out is, “Fucking kiwi.”

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