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Hi," I say in a sultry throaty voice, from the couch in the living room. You come closer into the living room, lean over the couch, and kiss me on the lips, teasing me with your tongue, while your hands slip down my almost see through shirt, to caress my bra-less breasts. My nipples harden for you, as you rub your rough palms over the sensitive tips. I break away from your kiss to moan, "Oh, yes, Trevor." in a breathy voice. I am panting gasping breaths, as you nibble behind my earlobe and unbutton my blouse. The fabric of my shirt flutters to the floor, as you throw it away from me. I sigh and rub my aroused breasts, as you take off your shirt.

I take my warm hands and run them all over your hot chest, loving the feel of the soft hair. I smile manically as I get to your nipples. You look down at me warily, as I continue grinning wolfishly up at you. Suddenly, I move forward and press my moist tongue to your hardened nipple. You gasp as I graze my teeth over the hard nub. Then gasp again as I blow cool air over them, causing them to pucker in erotic sensitivity. I purr as you run your hand down my back, and underneath my jeans to grip my bare ass. I laugh as you give it an experimental tweak. I move my mouth from your nipple, up to your throat, and back to your mouth.

I wrap my arms around your strong neck as you lift me from the couch to a standing position. Your hands move through my soft short hair as they grip my head closer to you. I do the same to you, my hands roving through your hair, because I can't get close enough to you. I can't get my tongue in deep enough. Your hands move down my bare back, to grip my ass, again. This time not for a tweak, but to take both firm round cheeks in your rough palms, and pick up my hips to grind it against your hard cock, which is trying to break free from it's denim prison. I gasp as I feel how aroused you are, your cock so large and hot, against me.

"Oh! ... Trevor!" I moan as you nibble on my throat, all the while moving us closer to the bedroom. Your hand moves around to the front of the inside of my jeans. You laugh when you fell how wet and excited I am. Your hand just barely grazes my wet pussy, teasing me, as it passes by to unbutton my jeans. I groan in frustration, as my hungry pussy cries out for your huge cock. You tisk at me, saying, "Ah, my Jodi. So ready. ... What am I going to do with you?," with laughing eyes.

I retaliate by shoving my hand down your pants to firmly grasp your hard cock. You groan as I fondle it, and then move on to your hot sacs. You start to buck into my hand, unable to help yourself. I quickly release your cock, and unzip your jeans, and push them down your legs. We leave a trail of clothes, behind us as we go down the long hallway to the bedroom.

When we get there, you push me down onto my back on the bed, kissing me hard as you do. You move your mouth down to my eager breasts, and lick the hard nipples. I cry out, as you do what I had done to you. I pant your name, as you suck on one of my breasts, laving your tongue over the sensitive nipple. One of your hands massages the other breast, playing with the nipple, so it won't feel unappreciated.

You move on, down my stomach, laving your tongue around the belly button. I gasp with pleasure, as you spread my legs and settle between them. You breathe hot breath onto my open pussy. I arch my back and grip the sheets in response, my teeth worrying my bottom lip. You use your thumb and forefinger to spread my pussy lips wide. I moan with anticipation, as you watch a single pearl of moisture drip down the exposed opening.

With one stroke of your tongue I almost shoot off the bed, the pleasure is so intense. I grip and ungrip the sheets with a death grip, as you move your tongue up, down, and around in little circles. You use one arm to hold me down, as I thrash about the bed. The other hand has stuck two fingers into my wet pussy curling upwards towards my clit. "Oh my God, TREVOR!" I scream as I cum all over your tongue. You laugh as you keep up the torture, licking and fingering my stiff clit, as I cry out with orgasm after orgasm, until I am a melted puddle of butter on the bed.

You grin up at me, from between my legs, your beard positively dripping with my sweet cream. I smile weakly down at you and motion for you to come up and kiss me. You do as you are told, bringing my own juices up for me to taste. I smile into your kiss, as your hands caress my firm ass. I gasp with surprise and pleasure, as your large cock enters me in one thrust. I gasp again as you withdraw almost completely, and drive quickly back in again. I wrap my legs around your hips as you begin to set a rhythm. I let out mewling gasps, as your hard cock drills in deep. I look you straight in the eyes, as I say, "Fuck me, Trevor! Do it hard. I need you so bad." You just grin a cocky grin as you once again do as you are told.

I scream your name, as your hot cock hits home. My hands are clinging to your back, my long nails making small furrows in your strong back. The mattress bounces up and down in the fast pace you have started, the headboard slamming against the wall. "Oh yeah, Jodi," you groan. "Do you want it harder? Do you want to fucked harder, baby girl?" You ask me gruffly as you really ram your hard cock into my pussy.

"Oh, yes! Fuck me harder! Please, Trevor! Oh, fuck! Oh, Fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh, FUCK!!! YES!! Oh, my god, Trevor! Fuck me! Yes, like that! Oh! FUCK!!!" I babble incoherently, as you fuck your large hard cock in and out of my wet pussy.

Finally, I scream loudly as I felt the first contraction of ecstasy, as I start to cum. The orgasm seems to go on forever, crashing over me in one wave after another. You give out a grunting yell as your orgasm rushes through you, like a ball of fire. You groan as your cock spurts it's hot cum deep inside of me. I moan as the aftershocks ripple and bounce off the walls of my pussy, crashing together in one huge final orgasm.

We collapse together in an exhausted sweaty heap. What seems like three hours later, but could have only been mere minutes, you smile weakly down at me. "Wow, Jodi. Just wow." I kiss you, while I grin against your mouth. "That was incredible, Trevor. Just completely incredible."

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