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Alex's Begining


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It's the fourth of July. My family has gone up north to New Hampshire for the holiday. I did not go up with them, because yet again I have to work. But this year, I am not lonely, because you have come up to visit me for the holiday.

The house is silent as we make sandwiches in the kitchen. You come up behind me, and kiss my neck, as you press your hard cock against my back. I laugh, as you nibble on my ear a little and your hands wander towards my breasts. I lean back into you, as I pull your head down for a kiss.

I laugh again, as I escape your grasp and move away. You sigh in frustration, before you finish packing up the cooler. I grab the beer and your hand, after you pick up the cooler with your other hand. We shut off all the lights before we go downstairs to sit on the dock. Normally, my family and one of the neighbors compete every year, to see how many fireworks we can sneak into the state. But not this year, so we have to be content with just the neighbor's display.

We bring the cooler down to our dock and sit on the chairs, we had placed there, to look out over the water. The neighbors start their show, and we ooh and awe at the pretty colors. You look at me and ask, "How about a swim, Jodi?" I say, "No way! That pond water is really gross!" "It's not that bad. And we could take a shower afterwards." I think about it and was swayed by what we could do in the shower together.

You stand up and stretch, taking your shirt off as you do so. Suddenly, you loose all of your clothes in a flurry of motion. "Last one in sucks cock!" you yell as you dive gracefully into the water. When you come up for air, I yell, "Hey you cheated!" You laugh smugly as you say, "You didn't think I was going to suck my own cock, did you?" before you laugh again. I stand up and quickly shed my clothes. In one of the few times I use my weight to my advantage, I do a running leap off the dock. When you went for finesse, I just went for the biggest tidal wave I could possibly do.

I break the water, laughing as I do so. You wipe a hand down your face, to wipe off the water, before you say, "I am going to get you for that!" I shriek with pretend fear, as I try to get away from you. But I am no match for you in the water, as you zero in on me like a shark chasing a minnow. We both laugh as you grab me, and we topple over into the shallows. We barley come up for air, when your lips are locked with mine.

I let your tongue invade my mouth, as my hands slide down your chest. My questing hands reach their goal, as they wrap around your big cock. You stand, with the water reaching just around your balls, as I kneel before you. My breasts bob to just around the surface, as I lean in. You groan, as my tongue slides up your hard cock, from it's base. I smile, as I nibble around the tip, and play with your balls with my hands. I lightly graze my teeth across the sensitive tip, as you make an inarticulate sound in response. I lick around the base, before I use the water to blow bubbles up around your balls. Then I sit up, I open my mouth wide, and swallow as much as I can of your giant cock. You groan as I bob my head up and down, using my tongue to lave over the veins, as I move.

I do this for a little while, sucking on the way up, and blowing on the way down. You groan, as you start to buck your hips frantically, to get deeper down my throat. Your hands clench my hair, as your cock fucks my face. You grip my hair roughly to pull my head back, as you start to jack off with your hand. You growl, as I open my mouth wide, to accept your spurting cum. You cum in large bursts into my waiting mouth. When you are done, you grab my arm, and bring me deeper into the water.

You pull me into a kiss, as you raise my legs up, and impale me with your still hard cock. I moan your name, as you start to fuck me. "Oh, yes! harder! yeah, fuck me harder! Yes, Alex!" My moans as sometimes lost with the loud noise of the fireworks. "Do you like that, Jodi? Do you like my big cock in your tight little pussy? yeah. Fuck my big cock." You grunt as you move your iron spike up and down in my tight cunt. "Oh yeah! Fuck it harder! yeah! Oh! OH! YES! Alex! Yeah fuck me harder! yeah!" You cover my mouth with yours to silence the loud moans. I grip onto you for dear life, as you increase the rhythm, invading me, with your huge cock.

"OH fuck! yes! Fuck me! Yeah! Oh Fuck! OH fuck! Yes Alex, yes! Oh baby! Yeah, fuck me like that!" I start to get louder, as you fuck me harder. Now uncaring of the neighbors, you head towards the shallow end, laying me down on the ground. You use the ground to brace yourself, as your furious rhythm continues. "Oh my god, yeah! Oh Alex! Yeah!" I scream as your big cock fucks me. "Are you almost there? Come on baby girl. Yeah! Fuck that cock! ah! Yes!" You grunt as you feel the fire of your orgasm rush up from your toes, up your shaft, and explode out into my pussy. You continue to pump furiosly into me, as I cum all around you, screaming your name and FUCK, over and over agian. You continue to pump your hard cock in, until there are no juices left. You groan my name, one last time, before we both collapse in a sweaty heap.

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