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On Friday, you are late coming home from school. You know I don't mind, you had called ahead, to tell me that you were going to be. You unlock the door, and slowly swing it open. You are surprised that it is mostly dark in the apartment.

There seems to be some light coming from the living room, so you walk slowly down the hallway. When you walk down, you see the soft glow of a ton of candles. You turn the corner, and see me standing in the middle of the living room. I am dressed oddly. I have my hair combed straight back in a no-nonsense hair style. I have a grey tweed suit on, that consists of a blazer, a light blue blouse, and a skirt that goes to above my knees. My legs have nylons on and they end in a grey heel, which is tapping the floor impatiently.

'You are late.' I say in a very business-like manner. 'Yeah, you knew that. I called ahead to tell you, remember?' You say surprised. "Please don't tell me, what I do and do not remember, Mr. Harris. " Your eyebrows raise dramatically, with the use of your last name and my tone, but you let me continue. "Since you are late, you will have to stay for detention, Mr. Harris. Please meet me after class.' You look around the living room and wonder if I had jumped off the deep end while you were away at school.

When I look back at you, I reply sharply. "What are still doing standing there? We already waited for you, and you are making the class wait agian! Please be seated, Mr. Harris." You still look at me like I am insane, standing there, with my hands on my hips, in the soft candle light. But you slowly sink down into a chair that has been placed in front of the tv, with a tv table next to it, with a paper and a pencil.

"Good. Now let's review today's lesson." I say, as I turn on the television. Suddenly the room is filled with intense moans as a porno fills the screen. You are instantly turned on, as the movie girl's moans increase in volume, as she gets fucked by a big black cock. Your cock, already hard from the ciminatic stimulation, fills out to it's full potential, when I stand close to you. The smell of my freshly washed skin, somes to your senses. Today it's strawberries. My skirt hikes up a little, as I stand near you, with my legs spread.

After close inspection, you can tell that the nylons are not full panty hose, but thigh highs, with black lace. 'Young man, you need to pay attention, to today's lesson." I say, as I take your head and face it towards the screen, where a girl was sucking two cocks at once. You try to pay attention to the movie, as I reach across you to adjust your paper on the table, swiping your shoulder with by breasts, as I lean over. I straighten the paper and stand back up into an upright position. I walk over to the tv, and instead of using the clicker, I slowly lean over, to adjust the volume on the tv, giving you a perfect veiw of my butt.

You groan, as my skirt tightens around my butt, as I lean a little more forward, like the tv was the most interesting thing I have ever seen. I straighten up and turn around. My hair, is no longer slicked back and professional, it's more wild and sexy. I stand in front of the tv, blocking the movie. You groan as I cross my arms, pushing my breasts up. 'Mr. Harris, I don't think you need that detention, really." I say as I start to unbutton my light blue blouse. "No?" You say warily. My hands stop unbuttoning my blouse, and I say sternly, 'That is no, Miss Jodi. Mr. Harris.' You nod your head and say 'No, Miss Jodi.' like you are supposed to, and my hands continue to unbutton my shirt. I get all the buttons unhooked, and push the shirt back, exposing a lacy satin bra, and bare skin.

You groan as you stare at my exposed breasts, that are barely covered in tight blue lace. 'I think that you need an extra credit assignment.' I say, slyly as I advance towards you. You nod your head dutifully, and say, 'Yes, Miss Jodi.' I grin widely, as I suddenly toss the the tv tray aside with a loud crash, and straddle your lap, kissing your mouth. Your hands come up to fondle my breasts, taking off my bra, as your tounge ravishes my mouth. My hands slide down your hard chest, and unbuckle your belt. You groan as I release your hard cock.

I slightly sit up and move your huge cock towards my wet pussy. 'Ah, Jodi, no panties?' You ask in a grunt. I don't reply as I guide your cock into my tight pussy. I bite my lip, as I slowly impale myself on your hard cock. You grip my ass, as I start to ride you up and down. 'Yeah, Jodi. Fuck that cock. Ah! Oh god, you are so tight! Yeah, oh fuck!'

I kiss you on the mouth, as I pull out your bottom lip, with my teeth. Then I suck on it, easing the pain, before letting go. 'Oh, yeah! Yeah! Fuck me! Yeah! Oh Alex! Yeah! Ah! Yeah, fuck it!' I bounce up and down, causing my breasts to rub against your chest, the nipples running up and down. I take my hands and rip open your shirt, popping buttons every where, so my breasts can rub against your bare chest, as I fuck your big cock. 'Yeah, Fuck it! God Alex! YES! Yeah! Yeah! Oh!' I roughly grip your hair, as I pull your head towards my breasts. You lick around the nipple, as I moan and lean backwards, slightly grazing the hard tip with your teeth.

You grip my ass with your hands, for leverage, as you fuck your big cock in and out of my wet pussy. 'Oh god baby! So tight! Come with me! Yeah! OH fuck! Jodi!' You spank my ass, as you fuck me. 'Oh my god, Alex! Yes! Ah! I am cuming! YES! Oh, GOD! Ah! ALEX!!!!' I scream, as I cum all over your pumping cock.

'Yeah! Yeah! ah! I'm cuming too, baby! Ah!' You groan as you let your hot cum explode up into my pussy, as I scream with pleasure. You continue pumping until you have no energy left, and we both collapse into a sweaty heap.

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