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Nick's Hotel Visit


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'Turn on the jacuzzi, baby, while I get into my suit.' I say, as we walk through the darkened hotel room. You grin and oggle my ass, as I saunter slowly towards the bedroom. You quickly lose all your clothes, turn on the jacuzzi, and step in to the warm water. You take your hard cock in your fist, and slowly begin stroking it. I stand in the shadows of the doorway, smiling as I watch you play with your big pole.

You groan as you see me step out of the darkness, topless, and holding a bottle of champagne and two long stem glasses. My large breasts sway back and forth, as I slowly walk towards you, my nipples already hard in the chilly air. 'Oh good, Nick, you already have that big cock of yours out.' I practically purr.

I put the glasses on the side table, and deliberatly turn my back on you, bending over to pour the champagne. You increase the pace on your cock, as you see my light blue thong between my firm tanned cheeks. I quietly hand you your glass. You groan again, as you watch me take a sip of champagne, my long throat moving to take down the bubbling liquid.

'Oops!' I say, as a stray drop of champagne misses my mouth. You gulp nervously at your champagne, as we both watch the stray drop slowly wander down my neck, and out onto my large breast. I gasp, as the drop of champagne goes to the hard tip of my left breast and settles there for a few seconds, before slowly falling to the floor.

Unable to help yourself, you stand up from the jacuzzi and grab me in your arms. Startled, I let the glass in my hand fall to the floor with a loud crash. Your mouth hungerily licks down the same path that the champagne traveled. I moan your name and grip your hair, as your hot mouth latches onto my hard nipple.

Carefully avoiding the shattered glass, you manover us down the steps into the churning jacuzzi. My hands find your big cock and start to playfully rub up and down. "Nick, you are so big,' I murmer in wonder, sitll not used to your big size. 'All for you, baby.' You grin as you sit down on the jacuzzi's bench. You pull me down into your lap. I kiss your mouth, while your hands deftly unties the bottom half of my bathing suit, tossing it out into the room behind us.

I gasp as you spread my legs, allowing the bubbling jets access to my pussy. I squirm in your grasp, as the bubbles act like a vibrator against my primed clit. 'Oh! Yeah! Mmmm. Oh yeah. That's good.' I say, as I start moving my hips up and down, against the bubbles. I close my eys as I slip into the pleasure, only to open them again at your groan.

I lean in and suck your neck, as you move your cock to the entrance of my pussy. I close my eyes, again and bite my lip, as the large bulbous tip of your cock enters my slick channel. We both moan in unison, as the bubbles move up your cock and into my pussy.

My nails bite into your shoulders, as you lift my hips up and slam them back down. My breasts move up and down against your chest, as they start to bounce up and down. I arch my back, as you lean down to suck on one tight nipple. 'Oh yeah. Nick, that is so good. Mmm.' I suck air through my teeth, as I experience an intense flash of pleasure. 'Ah! Yes! Oh yeah. Fuck that pussy. Fuck that pussy with your big cock! Yeah!' I say dirtily into your ear, as your cock goes through my tight velvet folds, like a battering ram.

'Oh! Yeah! Oh yeah fuck it! Yes!' I cry. You groan as you continue to pump your hard cock into my wet pussy. 'Yeah! Harder! Yeah!' I moan , as I start to climb higher. You groan my name, as you stand up, with me still impaled on your hard cock. I whimper when you take your cock out of my pussy. You lay me over the rim of the tub, my ass high in the air, my breasts smooshed against the cold tile.

I scream, when you open my legs, and thrust in your big cock from behind. You are able to get in harder and deeper at this angle. 'Oh yeah. You like my big cock, don't you, Jodi? Yeah take my big cock up your hot little snatch. Uh.' You grunt as you fuck me, slamming me against the wall of the tub. 'OH yeah! Fuck! Oh yeah! Nick! Yes! Fuck me like that! Oh! OH! Yeah!' I moan breathlessly. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah! Ahh! Oh fuck!' My hard nipples rub back and forth across the cold tiles, as you take my hips and slam them with your hard cock.

You roughly grip my hair, arching my back towards you, as your cock penetrates deeper. Your hand comes around and plays with my hard nipples, as you fuck my tight cunt. I scream your name, and oh fuck! over and over agian, as I crash through a huge orgasm. With my pussy sputtering all around your thrusting cock, you are unable to hold back the explosion of pleasure, that races straight up from your toes. You groan my name, as you fly with me, spurting your hot cum deep up inside of me. You pump a last few times, before you run out of energy, and we both collapse against the wall of the tub, in a big sweaty heap.

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