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Dancing In The Kitchen


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It's late. I am doing the dishes in the kitchen sink. There is only the soft light from over the sink, illuminating the kitchen. Soft music plays from a radio in another room. My sponge stills, as your hands come around my waist from behind. I let the dish and sponge slip back into the soapy water, and lean back into you, as we slow dance to the soft music. I sigh, as I dance with you. One of my hands slowly goes to the side of your face, to pull you down for a kiss. Your hands wander away from my waist to my breasts. I break the kiss to moan, as you suck my neck, and rub your big hard cock into my butt.

The cd player in the other room is silent for a few seconds, while it changes cds. An upbeat latin salsa comes blaring out of the speakers. In beat with the music, like we are still dancing, I spin in your arms, and kiss you on the mouth. I break the kiss, pushing you back a little. You move back two steps, then push me back a step, all in time to the music, like we were choreographed.

Then I push you back to the counter behind you, and hungrily kiss you. Your tounge invades my mouth, as you grip my hips, pulling me towards your hard cock, rubbing it up against me. I wrap my legs around your waist, as you grind my hips against yours.

With one arm holding me up, you use you other hand to knock whatever was on the counter off with a loud crash. "Nick!' I gasp shocked. 'The mess!' Like a wildman you reply, 'Fuck the mess!' before kissing me fiercely and sitting me on the counter. When your mouth moves to my neck and your hands to my breasts, I say, 'Yeah baby!' with glee. With one swift movement, I take my shirt and bra off, and toss them away from us.

I run my soft hands all over your broad shoulders and down your strong chest, to stop at your belt. I swiftly unbuckle your belt and unzip your fly. My hands reach in and release your big cock. My fingers feather up and down the hard shaft, as you groan. You lift my butt up a little to raise my skirt over my hips. I shiver, as my bare butt touches the cool counter. You laugh when you move aside my lace panties, to find me wet and hot for you. I shudder again, as you move your fingers around just inside my wet snatch. You laugh again, as your fingers are flooded with new wetness, as I moan a little.

I increase my hand movements on your big cock, this time using a fist. A small whimper escapes my mouth, as you take your hand and lick off the sweet cream. I use both hands to pull your head to mine in a fierce kiss, my fingers tangling in your hair.

You spread my legs wide, and enter me in one thrust. Another song begins on the radio, this time a techno dance with a deep baritone beat. You pump your cock in and out, in time to the beat, like we are still dancing. I wrap my legs around your thrusting hips, as I ride your hard cock. 'Oh yeah! Fuck that pussy! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me with your big cock! Yeah!' I say dirtily, as my nails dig into your shoulders. Your hands firmly grip my ass, as you piston your hard cock in and out of my wet pussy. 'Yeah, you like my cock, don't you Jodi? Yeah. You like to fuck my cock don't you?' you grunt, as I start to wail and moan. 'Oh Nick! Yes! Yes ! Ah! Fuck! I like that big cock up my pussy! It's so big! Yeah! Yeah! Oh god!'

The few remaining items on the counter rattle, as your pace increases. 'Oh yeah! I'm almost there! Come with me, Nick! Yes!' I scream, as I cum all over your thrusting cock. You ride that wave of pleasure until it crashes, and you groan as your orgasm explodes through you. After a few last pumps, we slide down from the counter top to the floor. Panting, we both lean against the cuboards to catch our breath. Unable to move, I laugh weakly, 'God, Nick! That was fucking amazing!'

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