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Hi! My wife and I sometimes put in a porn movie to get us going and when there is a couple doing it "doggie style" I'll tell her that is my fav. position!!! We have did a few times over the years but she'll never do it on her own. One time the topic came up and I asked her why she don't seem to like it that much and she said that she feels like a dog or submissive?? How can I change this??? Is it a matter of doing it more often??

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Well, I am just taking a guess here, but if you and your wife are watching porn, and you tell her that is your favorite position, and then you want to do it - she may be associating the porn with the position, i.e. feel like she is being used.

Many women do not like the doggy style position because it is less intimate. The man is primarily in control, there is no kissing, no face to face action...it is pretty primal. The woman IS submissive in this position!

I suppose if you want her to love that position - like I do - you will have to give her a reason to love it. The doggy position can be a wonderful position for G-Spot stimulation - if you can get her to have a G-Spot orgasm in that position, it will quickly become on of her favorites!

To acheive the G-Spot orgasm, you have to be rubbing on the top (tummy side) of her vaginal canal with your penis. So your strokes should be deep and downward. So go in deep and as you pull out, kind of rub down against her lower vaginal canal, holding her hips and pulling her UP gently as you go. You will know when you hit the spot, she will let you know. If you can, get her to play with herself or use a clit vibe in the process!

If she decides to play with herself, which I suggest, you can prop a pillow under her tummy. You can slap her ass, gently pull her hair, get some of her other senses involved in the position.

My favorite addition to doggy style is double penetration. I am a bit greedy, so when my hb has me going good doggy, and I have the clit stim going, I will normally beg him to stick one of our other toys up my ass as well. This is great stimulation for HIM as well as wonderfull filling for ME. If you are at all into anal sex, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this!

If she has a mental hang-up about doggy style I don't know how else to break it except to make her enjoy the position as much as possible!

Good Luck!

Mikayla ;)

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My wife is also not a fan of doggy style. She really needs to have her clit stimulated but has to have some pretty good pressure there. That's why she likes to be on top since she can grind her pelvis into mine. When we do doggy, it's hard for her to get that pressure on her clit.

Of course, we'll do doggy now and again jsut for a change of pace. Usually, after she's already orgasmed through some other means (dildo, vibraotr, etc).

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I was always against doggy too because it wasn't intimate. The way my hubbie and I changed that was to use a mirror. I hold a mirror so that I can see him and now we can eye gaze and get that much closer to each other while having an amazing orgasm.

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