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A Poem

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I have a really big passion for writing. Usually my work is filled with sorrow and distraught, but I was inspired to write this very intimate poem. It's not finished or really edited, but I just wanted to share...

Passion and lust. Two sexually powerful emotions.

Tension. Our bodies long for one another.

The gravity pulls the two together.

Pressed against each other I place my hand upon your heart.

You gaze into my eyes, your smile is contagious.

We both know what's next.

Slowly shifting our focus downward and back up,

I close my eyes and touch your tender lips upon mine.

Soft and innocent kisses gradually turn intense.

You bite my lip and tease me.

Your lips move down my neck and I let you work your magic.

I cannot bottle these feelings anymore.

As you caress my body, I push you onto your back

it's my turn to show you what I've been fantasizing about all these years.

Shaking my hair from its clip, I begin to remove your shirt.

My hands cautiously work downward as I eyeball you longly.

I stop and kiss your toned body. Carefully embracing every crevice and definition.

I want you.

I proceed slowly and finally do the unthinkable.

Your pants hanging off the bed

you smile and I resume.

I taunt and tease you and you can't take it any longer.

My nerves vanish and I take it in. Tastes sweet as candy and you cannot believe

how good it feels.

I know it's working.

You want your turn and I nod.

It's then I realize what we're doing.

I snap back into reality gasping for air and giggle knowing what is to come.


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