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Sexual Arousal

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I have been experminenting with different sources,i.e,Porno magazines, DVD's, and

have found that the woman giving blow jobs seems to stimulate me the most. My

wife is ok with this and she's working at it for me. I've noticed it really makes

her hot also. Could recommend a DVD movie that is primarily about women

sucking the men's cock ? Thank you..Michael

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There are many out there that concentrate just on Blowjobs....."All Star Blowjobs" is one that comes to mind. Or there are 2 prominent series "Gag on This" and "Cum Slammers" that are pretty much all BJ's. I am sure there are many more out there. Thanks to my old video store experience, I can remember these things...the guys just loved me there! :rolleyes:


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