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Erotica--part Iii

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As always ladies--for your pleasure and all in good fun!!


“What do you think Greg?” Keith asked, in his usual nasal and snotty tone, rudely tugging me from my daydream about Whitney, the CEO’s administrative assistant who was sitting across the glossy table from me.

“I think you should suck my BIG, HAIRY COCK, you ASSHOLE!” I growled, emphasizing each syllable. Of course I didn’t actually say that, but that’s what I thought anyway.

Now, there were three falsehoods in that thought, the biggest one being that I didn’t want Keith anywhere near my cock now or ever. The second was that my cock is not hairy. My old girlfriend and I had once spent a lazy Saturday morning shaving each other and then having the best oral sex of our lives--so clean, so smooth, and no loose hairs in our mouths. The intercourse was incredible too, so we kept things that way down there permanently. Even though we had broken up a year ago (she chose to relocate, I liked being in the city), I still kept my cock and balls very smooth, assuming whomever I hooked up with next would like it as well.

The third and final little white lie was that, well, my cock is only average length and girth. Plenty big to have a great time with, but nothing to write home about. I’ve never had any complaints, mind you, and if you happen to be one of those women who say they need a huge cock to get off, then honey we need to have a LONG talk, preferably with some good champagne and an assortment of sex toys, so I can educate you on the extensive art of sexual satisfaction, which encompasses so much more than me banging you with my “average” rod. I’m sure you will see things my way afterward. Like I said, I’ve never had a complaint.

Now Keith had pissed me off, mainly because I had been daydreaming about Whitney, or more specifically, Whitney’s tits and hands. She always sat across from me during these Friday afternoon staff meetings, giving me a shy smile when I came in to take my place at the executive conference table. She just had these hands that intrigued the hell out of me. They looked soft and sexy, and I always enjoyed imagining them lubed up and wrapped around my cock, slowly jerking me into pleasurable oblivion. My daydream always ended with me shooting my hot, pearly white silk onto her welcoming face, her hair, her blouse, her huge tits, you name it.

I had a nickname for Whitney—Curvaceous Lust—CL for short. CL was just plain sexy. I never saw her when she wasn’t sitting behind a desk, but I did playfully flirt with her every time I had to meet with the CEO. Her phone rang off the hook and she was always in the middle of a big pile of papers, so our friendly banter never did get to last long. But I liked her—she was cool. And she always got me in to see the CEO when I needed to—she had that power and used it. People like Keith pissed her off too and as a result, he could hardly ever get in.

So as I sat there in the staff meeting, daydreaming about the weekend and a CL hand job, while straining to see through the gaps in her buttoned-up blouse (I thought I saw a lacy bra and part of her pink breast), I was in no mood for Keith’s whiny, suck-up bullshit. But I did have to address his question, since the CEO was sitting there, along with all the other VP’s. So I did. What I said isn’t important here, but suffice it to say I covered myself well, pleased the CEO, and exposed something Keith had forgotten to address in his proposal. So once again, he had to backtrack, blabbering incessantly while he did so, finally shutting up when the CEO had had enough and moved the meeting on to another topic.

After the staff meeting, as things wound down for the weekend, I was in my office cleaning up some files on my desk, when I got pissed off again. It wasn’t Keith this time though, it was our chirpy bitch corporate attorney, Mikayla. Man, I couldn’t stand that whore. Why, you ask? Several reasons actually. Numero uno—she talked too damn loud. Always in Keith’s office, right next to mine, and she was frequently blathering endlessly about this contract, or that contract, and completely ruining my concentration. So I always had to get up and shut my office door. Keith would never shut his door even though I had asked him to many times. Mikayla was hot, and Keith, being a lonesome loser, liked being seen with her in his office. And why was she always asking for his opinion on things? The guy was a transparent dumbshit but she acted like she hung on his every word. Was she THAT stupid too? I didn’t know because the bitch never talked to me. Granted we didn’t work on the same projects like she and Keith did, but still, hadn’t she heard of being friendly?

The final thing to piss me off about her is that in the last few weeks, she had been either coming from or going to Keith’s office when she managed to drop something right in front of my office door—a pen, a file, a calculator. She always turned her back to me, and directly in my line of sight, she would bend over at the waist to pick up whatever had dropped out of her dumb bitch hands. And the view was incredible. The last time she was wearing some perfectly tailored light gray slacks with some black, sandal-type high heels. I swear when she bent over I could see her pussy lips outlined in her crotch. Now I just couldn’t take that kind of torture. I didn’t like the slut, and it pissed me off that she was so good-looking because deep down I would have loved to bang that hot body. But I couldn’t get to know her since I had no business reason for talking to her and our corporate culture was so stiff.

So I disliked her—immensely. It just made it easier that way. So I shut my door (again!) and tried to get back to what I was doing, which wasn’t much since I was basically killing time until the weekend started. I had finished up a couple of grueling acquisition projects earlier this week and had finally gotten some good catch-up sleep the night before. After working the last two weekends, I was looking forward to just being lazy for a couple of days. As I calmed back down and got lost in my thoughts again, a knock sounded on my office door. Fuck! Now what!?

“Come in!” I said gruffly.

“Hi Greg, can I ask you something?” Mikayla said sweetly as she poked her head in the door.

Oh shit, what did SHE want?

“Sure.” There, I kept it short and sweet for the slut.

“I didn’t know if you knew this or not, but today is my last day at the firm. I’m joining Lawson and Sweet downtown.” She had come in and was standing in full view now. Damn she was tasty looking.

“Oh, no I didn’t,” I replied while wondering why I felt my heart sinking.

Mikayla didn’t actually work for our company, she was outside legal counsel that we had on retainer. She officed a few buildings away, but came over 2 to 3 times a week to prance her happy ass around, talk to Keith, and piss me off. Leaving her current firm meant she wouldn’t be coming around anymore. While I couldn’t say I would miss her personality, I would miss that ass and those awesome looking tits I was now seeing clearly for the first time. Damn they were big! Even shrouded by the lightly starched, cotton, long sleeved stylish blouse she was wearing, it was obvious she was well endowed. I felt my balls start to stir.

“Well, they’re having a happy hour for me at Mother’s starting at 5:30. I wanted to personally invite you. Can you come?” She actually looked sincere.

I started to smile but caught myself—remember Greg, you don’t like this smarmy piece of ass, I told myself as I regained my composure. Besides, you hate the Rush Street scene. Play it cool dude.

“I don’t know, maybe. We’ll see.”

“Well I really hope you can make it. I’m really going to miss all of you guys here, and I’ve always wanted to get to know you but just haven’t had the chance. You know, since Scott handles all your contracts.” Her voice was softer now, not like the fake one she used in Keith’s office. I liked it.

“Okay Mikayla. I’ll try to be there. Thanks for the invite.” See? I’m not a complete ass. Once I started to see a different side of the cunt I rethought things. What the fuck was THAT all about anyway? Did she really want to get to know me, or was she just trying to fill up the bar with as many suck-ups as she could to bolster her own suffering self-esteem. Hell if I knew, but I figured I had nothing to lose so I decided to go. If the happy hour sucked I could always use the opportunity to scope out some fresh pussy.

Surprisingly, the happy hour was hopping after all. Most of downtown must have had a couple of crazy weeks because the place was packed with people wanting to blow off steam. I saw the crowd from my company so I grabbed a drink and headed over. I could see the top of Mikayla’s blonde head but nothing else since a forest of oh-so willing cock surrounded her. Oh, and Keith was right there in the middle, but I’m not sure he actually has a penis so he didn’t count. I said hi to a few people, and sat down at a table, took a swig of my drink, took a long slow look around the place, and was pleasantly surprised when my eyes returned to the table and saw that Whitney, aka Curvaceous Lust, and her sexy hands and 40DD tits had sat down across from me. Where the hell had SHE come from, I wondered. She had blindsided me.

CL and I began our normal office chit-chat and I began to relax and enjoy myself. She really was a nice person and we eagerly and easily traded interesting personal tidbits about each other. Of course the whole time we were talking I was imagining those hands on my rod, or my rod between those titties. Or those lips. Even when she told me about her boyfriend the fantasizing didn’t stop. I think she was kind of into me as well and just as I started devising a way to check her interest in coming home with me for the evening, we were interrupted.

“Hi guys! Having fun?”

It was, you guessed it, Mikayla and her annoying ebullient smile. Yes, whore, we ARE having fun now please fuck off! What?! I said please! My black cloud had returned. Mikayla’s butt-insky caused Whitney to become conscious of the time, and, checking her watch, she stood up and said she was running late for a date. At least SHE’LL get laid tonight, I thought, as she made her way out the door, but not before giving me a longing look as she left. Wow—I may have to find a way to get to know her better—something tells me she might be a lot of fun.

What wasn’t fun was having the bitch called Mikayla back in my face. Or at least it wasn’t fun yet. I looked back to where our company group had been and was surprised to see most of them gone. I checked my watch—7:10.

“Where’d everyone go?” I asked.

“Oh you know, the usual—home, family, dinner, dates.”

“Where’s Keith?”

“I told him to run along now; that I needed to discuss a project with you,” Mikayla said coyly, shooting me a sideways glance. “Of course that was just bullshit to get rid of him.”

What the fuck was going on here? I thought she LIKED Keith.

“Oh, okay, so what’s the deal?” I pressed.

“Greg, I get the impression you don’t like to fuck around, I mean, you can be pretty blunt.” Lucky guess, whore. She continued. “I’m the same way. And I’m going to lay it all out here. I want to get to know you better. I haven’t worked with you, but I’ve gotten an impression of you from some of the monthly meetings and by seeing how people talk about you around the office—and I like it.”

Okay balls, why the hell are you starting to stir around down there? Calm down and let me listen to what this beautiful bitch is saying.

“Well why here, why now?” I was actually curious. I liked her bluntness, but, I mean, what the fuck?!

“Because I start with the new firm on Monday, and I’ll immediately be ass-deep in work. It could be weeks before I come up for air, so why don’t we have a drink and get down to business?” She leaned into the table with those beautiful tits cradled by her arms.

She was damn good-looking I must admit. I had never been this close to her and I found her looks, well, captivating. Satiny blonde cascading tresses, absolutely vibrant skin, perfect makeup. Lips, well, lips I could imagine sucking on my cock, or kissing. How would her tongue feel? Okay missy, let’s get to know each other, I’m game. Hell my balls are flopping around down there like a couple of frogs playing grab-ass and my spidey senses are tingling like crazy, so I must be at least halfway attracted to you. Let’s rumble.

The conversation was a little awkward at first as we stumbled around for some common ground, but we soon hit a stride and things really started to flow. She did most of the talking initially, which was a good thing because after a couple of minutes I could tell this slut was smart as hell. Maybe even as smart as me. Maybe. We easily rolled from subject to subject, hither and yon, with no real organization to it, just a free flowing, almost stream of consciousness-like conversation. I hated to admit it, but I was impressed. I even started to like her. Of course I wanted to bone her, but that’s natural. To actually like the person, well you can’t fake that. She was really surprising me.

I had no idea how she felt about me—I mean she had devoted this time to get to know me, so I was flattered, but how did she feel now, after talking with me for 45 minutes? I didn’t have to wonder long; I felt her hand on my knee when she made a specific point about something. Okay, that did it, now my night snake was in the game—the frogs had gone bonkers and woken up daddy. Easy big fella! Or average fella! Whatever!

I leaned into the table to hide my rising hard-on, when Mikayla leaned in closer, moved her hand up my thigh, and looked straight at me.

“Greg, are you hard yet?” She meant business—and I liked it. I stared right back at her, hard, and nodded. “Good, because I’m starting to get wet. I think we need to go.”

Easier said than done, lady. I wasn’t going anywhere until this boner calmed down a bit. So she got up to hit the john, while I paid the tab and collected myself. Out in the parking lot, as I opened my car door for her, it happened. We started making out like savages, slashing at each other with our tongues while our hands copped every feel possible. I got pussy, ass, pussy, tit and more ass. She got cock, ass, chest, back and more ass as well. After a couple of minutes we finally made it into the car and started right back into it. By now I had her shirt unbuttoned and her bra undone and I was squeezing those fantabulous titties and drinking in her awesome perfume. She moaned like a sick calf and I knew I had to have her. But not here. My house was 20 minutes away, hers was 30. Okay, my house. I somehow got the car started and headed down the street as her hands worked to get my cock out of my slacks. Once she accomplished that task, she dropped her head down and proceeded to get to know me better. Oh shit she felt good, sliding her mouth up and down on my completely rigid flagpole.

It’s a funny thing, road-head. It’s like the ultimate in mutual trust. She’s hoping you don’t slam into a brick wall and kill her, and you’re praying she doesn’t bite off your knob when you hit a pothole. Her technique was stellar, gripping the base of my cock with her hand to keep herself centered, while smothering the top half with her mouth and tongue. At red lights, she gave me an incredible ache by lightly clamping her teeth around my cock and nibbling.

I still hadn’t cum as we pulled into my garage, mostly due to the numbing sensation of the alcohol and the 5 or 6 cops we passed on our journey. But I was ready. My balls were absolutely screaming at my brain to release them from their swollen torture. But not yet. Just a few more minutes.

We moved into my kitchen, where we continued to make out while stripping off clothes. I ended up with just my heavily starched dress shirt on, while Mikayla was down to a black thong, her high heels, and her unbuttoned starched blouse. I made her leave it on, as she looked sexy as hell in just this bare minimum outfit. We moved into my carpeted living room where she dropped to her knees again and set out to finish the job she had started in the car. With the lights on low, I had a perfect view of her as she attacked her work. Just an incredible specimen. Eyes closed, some increasing moaning, tits slightly swinging back and forth, shoulders bathed in soft cotton, and those heels. Oh those heels.

The torture was just too much at that point as my body began to seize up. At the very last second I clasped my hand on top of the one she had on my cock and pulled out of her mouth. Uhhhhhhh—a hot streak of creamy hot silk lashed across her left cheek. Uhhhhh-another across her chin and and open mouth. Uhhhhh-now one on her neck and the collar of her blouse. Uhhhh-another good one across her left breast. I traced my still throbbing cock along a slickened path from her soft titties, up her neck, and back into her welcoming mouth, where she sucked what little cum I had left down her deep throat while she massaged my balls for more. After wiping my cum from her cheek, chin, neck and tit with her hand, she slowly licked her fingers clean while gripping my cock in her other hand. She and I were both panting like spent hyenas, and as I helped her up to her feet I could feel the slight moistness of her skin. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom.

A slight look of surprise moved across her face as I stood her in front of my large, 6 foot high, mahogany chest-on-chest. The thing is built like a tank and weighs about 500 pounds. I stripped off Mikayla’s blouse and helped steady her as she pulled off her thong. I then pulled a long velvet strap from behind each side of the chest where they were bolted in, and tied one each to Mikayla’s delicate wrists. I then brought a blindfold out and placed it over her eyes. She offered no complaint, but I could tell she was slightly nervous by the unevenness of her breathing.

“Relax,” I whispered huskily, “you’re going to love this.”

She smiled and giggled slightly as I started rubbing and massaging her magnificent ass. I had left my bathroom light on, and it was spilling into my bedroom and hit her body just perfectly. I could tell she worked out as I saw her toned arm and leg muscles strain slightly against the velvet straps. I had some sex toys my girlfriend and I had bought just before our breakup, but never used, and out of the bag in my closet I pulled a large feather, a soft leather harness that looked like a jockstrap, and the vibrator and clit vibe that went along with it. She heard me rustling around and I could tell she was a little nervous.

“What are you doing back there?” she asked, the tone of her voice telling me she felt out of control of the situation--in which I took special delight.

I didn’t answer her. Instead I walked over in front of her and tickled her tits with the feather. Her nipples immediately got erect and she pulled back a little and smiled. I gave her a deep, reassuring kiss and she quickly settled down. I then moved behind her and began rubbing the feather on her ass and down her crack. She pulled tight against the straps, spread her legs about 3 feet apart, and arched her back slightly, blindly pushing her ass up towards the soft feather. And then I let her have it.


“OW!!! FUCK!!!” she yelped as she jumped about a foot in the air and almost fell down, losing her balance from my spanking. I could almost sense the shock and awe pulsating through her nerve endings. I stood silent, waiting for more reaction from her, when surprisingly, she pulled blindly at the straps, struggled to get back into her original position, and then slowly raised her ass again. THIS, was cool.

WHACK!!! I slapped her ass harder this time, right across both cheeks, leaving a crimson handprint. This time she yelped again, and her knees buckled, but she held her ground. Oh, I am impressed, I thought to myself, VERY impressed! Again she raised her ass, and now I noticed her straining against the velvet straps, pulling them taut as her only means of support.

WHACK!!! Another hard one across her backside, but she held her ground beautifully again and only registered a hard grunt and heavier breathing. WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! Shit, that last one hurt MY hand!!! I sensed the beginnings of a deep sensual moan from Mikayla, its euphonious sound resonating through my own nerve endings and causing my cock to stir once again. Oh man, she was really starting to like this!

As I slowly and methodically continued slapping her bodacious ass, her moaning increased in volume and I could just sense that she was getting wetter by the second. We seemed to develop a synchronized rhythm, with me slapping and her reacting and then pushing her ass back into position. After 10 long minutes of this, we were both covered in a glossy sheen of perspiration and she seemed to be hyperventilating. My cock was absolutely rigid and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to eat that delicious looking pussy and ass. I moved in behind Mikayla, knelt down, and gently pulled apart her cranberry colored ass cheeks while moving my tongue in for the kill. She was completely drenched from both perspiration and her peachy secretions and I drank it all in. I hadn’t noticed earlier but she was completely shaven and had a clit piercing. I flicked my tongue up to her clit and brought it into my mouth, slightly nibbling and licking it while her moaning shot up an octave. As seismic tremors began moving up her legs, signaling her imminent orgasm, I gave her magnificent pussy lips one last lick, inserted my thumb into her love hole, and brought my tongue up to her asshole to finish her off. As I swirled my tongue around her smooth ass opening, her quivering legs almost began spasming as her body exploded in primeval pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy and jerked her head back and forth as her body fought her mind against the riptide of her passion.

I slowly moved my tongue up her back as I stood up and enveloped her from behind with my arms and body. Her spasms slowly waned as I massaged her shoulders and neck, and her breathing calmed down to more normal levels. Our bodies seemed to fit perfectly and I slowly realized I was actually starting to genuinely care for Mikayla at that point. I actually felt bad about the way I had initially perceived her at work, and wondered if this was going to be just a one-night stand or the start of something incredible. What she said next sealed the deal, at least for me anyway.

“Oh Greg,” she whispered, still slightly out of breath. “Please fuck me, PLEASE stick your hard cock deep into my aching pussy and fuck me. Just please fuck me!!” She seemed to be on the verge of tears—she was actually begging me. She continued on with her dirty talk as I obediently obliged, slipping my rock hard I-beam into the welcoming fleshy sauna that was her pussy. Oh shit, she was tight, and I fought for self-control as she began hard thrusting backwards into me. She was back to pulling on the straps as she rode me in mid-air.

“Oh fuck me!! Fuck my tight pussy with your hard cock!!”

Now this kind of talk was going to send me hurtling over the cliff of self-control, but I so badly wanted to hold off in order to tap that fine ass of hers. I continued thrusting with her while I thought of ways to hold off my orgasm until she came—let’s see, there was golf, baseball, Curvaceous Lust—whoa, what the fuck was she and her hands doing here in my mind? Think of something else prick—quick!! Okay, okay, I pledge allegiance to the flag…..” My mind splintered amongst 7 different subjects as I tried to keep the pleasure signals my cock was transmitting from taking over my whole body. Finally, after a long few minutes, Mikayla tightened up again and let out another lung busting scream—sending quivers of pleasure into my own body as this new orgasm rocked hers. She fell to her knees after the fourth shudder passed through her, losing my cock along the way. As she sat there with her strapped arms over her head, I leaned in and asked her if she was okay.

“That was so fucking awesome!!” she panted, then brought her mouth to mine in a grateful kiss. “So---fucking---awesome!!!”

“Can we try one more thing?” I asked, almost in disbelief.

“Oh fuck yeah!! Whatever you want Greg, you can do anything to me!””

With that reassurance, I left her there momentarily while I retrieved the leather harness, vibrator and clit buzzer. After helping her back up, she slowly swung her legs into the harness and I brought it up and secured it to her waist. After lubing up the vibrator, I turned it on and slowly inserted it into her pussy and secured it into place in the harness. I then positioned the clit massager and set it for blast-off as well. Her moaning began again as she vibrated away and I began to massage her buttery smooth ass cheeks with some scented lube. She just felt incredible and seemed to be enjoying things as I slowly began fingering her asshole. She was naturally puckered up, but slowly relaxed and allowed me begin some slow thrusting with my finger. My hard-on was raging, but I wanted to make sure she was cool with what I had in mind. Lucky for me, she seemed to be thinking the same way.

“Greg, do you want to fuck my ass?” she moaned slowly, obviously enjoying the sensations at her three pleasure points.

“Is that okay Mikayla?” I asked, hesitantly.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass with your beautiful cock. Please fuck it,” she panted as she moved her ass back into me.

With that kind of encouragement I quickly moved the tip of my cock up to her awaiting ass, and slowly pressed into her opening. I could feel some slight spasming as she fought to relax enough to allow me to enter her, but it soon subsided and I quickly found myself half way in. I squirted some more lube on her ass and my cock, and then brought myself into her fully. Mikayla immediately broke out in a mist of perspiration again, and I could feel the quivers from the vibrators as her ass loosened up even more, allowing me to begin some slow and gentle thrusting. I squirted more lube down her crack and onto my cock with each thrust, then squirted the rest on her back as I began to massage her back and shoulders while continuing to thrust. With both of her orifices comfortably full, she asked me to take the blindfold off of her eyes.

“I NEED to see you fucking me Greg!”

I pulled off her blindfold, and as I continued thrusting, she turned her head back towards me. Our eyes locked, and the look we communicated to each other was one of pure passion, pleasure, and satisfaction. After a few moments she closed her eyes again, faced forward, and kicked it into high gear for the home stretch. She began meeting my thrusts again, slamming her pelvis into me as I rammed into her. We continued body slamming until she let out another loud moan, followed by a final scream as her orgasm erupted throughout her body.

“Oh fucking FUCK me NOW! Oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh FUCK my ASS!!” she screamed as her quaking body and ass clamped onto my cock. I was ready, but even if I wasn’t I couldn’t have stopped it as the torrents of sensation rocked my body, sending lightning bolts out of my cock and into her tight ass. I actually heard one of the velvet straps start to rip at its mounting as once again our bodies fought to stay together as the pleasure waves crashed over us for several minutes, before slowly calming down.

Mikayla fell to her knees again as my cock popped out of her ass, and she begged me to take the vibrators out of her body, which seemed to have been in an almost constant state of orgasm over the last 10 minutes. After taking off the harness and vibrators, I undid the straps on her wrist and she collapsed in a heap on the carpeted floor. I left her there as I stumbled into the bathroom and started the water in my gimonstrous jacuzzi tub. As the bubbles slowly started to form, I went to the kitchen and got some champagne out of my fridge and two crystal tulip flutes. After putting them by the now filled tub, I returned to Mikayla, slipped off her heels, and picked her up in my arms and carried her to the jacuzzi, gently placing her amidst the bubbles and marble. After climbing in myself, we laid there motionless for several minutes, letting the bubbles massage our exhausted bodies and slowly bring us back to life.

After silently sipping champagne for a while, Mikayla slowly roused, and began massaging my cock under the water. As I slowly rose to attention, she rolled over on top of me and slowly worked my cock back into her welcoming pussy. A slow, quiet, almost tantric session ensued, as we tenderly kissed, stared into each other’s eyes, and rested quietly against each other. Her body just felt SO right next to mine, and as I finally orgasmed into her, she gripped me with her legs and arms as if never wanting me to leave her side.

The next morning, as we stirred from our deep sleep in my comfortable, pillow-topped bed, we picked up like old friends, talking and chatting about anything and everything. I did have one lingering question however.

“Mikayla, if you were attracted to me, why didn’t you say something to me a long time ago?”

“I wanted to Greg, but I knew you had a strict policy against dating employees.”

Where the fuck had she heard that?!?! While it was true I didn’t go looking for pussy at the office, the reality of it was that I had no such policy. And besides, Mikayla wasn’t an employee, she only worked for our company indirectly, through her law firm, which definitely meant we could have done this a long time ago. I bet Keith had something to do with this.

“Who the hell told you that?” I was going to kick Keith’s ass this time. I didn’t care if I got fired.

“Well Whitney of course.”

Her answer hit me square in the face like a brick. And then I smiled.

Oh Curvaceous Lust told you that huh? Oh did SHE have an ass slapping coming HER way, I thought to myself. Did she ever!!!

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DAMN! That was an EXCELLENT story....although a was kind of wondering where that was all going for a while :D !

I must say....if you keep writing stories like this, I am am going to have to step up my game a few notches! I was wondering where the 3-some with CL and I was? Couldn't handle it huh?????

I appreciate the talent. . . I truly, truly do...now how can I repay the favor???

Many Kisses!

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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Repay the favor huh--let's see. Nope, can't do that, we're both married. Okay...nope can't do that either. Wait, there's....no that would be a no-no as well. Well, allrigtht, since I stayed up so late finishing it, how about a nice cup of gourmet coffee (and then a blowjob--sorry I just had to throw that in)?

Glad you enjoyed it.


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WHEWWWWWWWWWWW...Dam, when do I get my spankings?? :rolleyes:

I'm very impressed and I love the mahogany dresser. OK..I love anything mahogany. It comes from years of taking piano lessons at the keys of a mahogany grand piano that my mom has. Nice touch on the hands. I actually keep a bottle of lotion here at my keyboard cause I hate dry hands. I can't remember ever mentioning my hands before tho....interesting that you pick up on that.

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