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Marie was so excited that we received this book in out review box. She is really into all sorts of things from India.

This is a lovely Japanese silk bound edition, featuring 21 of the finest copies of original Kama Sutra paintings ever published. The Kama Sutra was composed for the benefit of the world by Vatsyayana, a contemplator and student of religion. This work is not intended to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying desires. By respecting others and not becoming a slave to your passions, any intelligent, cautious person can find great success in everything they undertake.

This book is not porn, but a masterful book of love and intimacy. If you are looking for a picture book of sex positions using real people you need to try another version of the Kama Sutra Book. . There is a lot of information and advice on how to become a great lover. This book is perfect for those who are serious about becoming better lovers and companions to their partners.

I would say this is a must have book for anyone. I promise if any couple would take time to learn how to use the principles of the Kama Sutra, each person would gain great insight to the needs and desires of their partner and the benefits will amaze you beyond belief. Becoming a great lover is a life style that involves spirit, mind and body that will bring years of pleasure and fulfillment to you and those you cherish most of all…

I give this a 5 out of 5 lucky charms…

get your copy of the Kama Sutra NOW!

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I have read the Kama Sutra and it is not a book purely about sex. It related to life and marriage and becoming a good lover and husband. It has advice for women as well, but, if i remember, it is the "be a dutiful wife" kind of advice...which would be expected given the time this was written. If you just change the "he" to "she" it will be useful for women as well.

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I am soooo excited that TT carries this book now. I LOVE this book and found it truly enlightening on many different levels. In a time where we are totally disconnecting from each other, this may be a great way to find that connection.

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