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First....have you read all the other posts on this site? There are a lot of posts on this subject, start reading some of them as well, you may find a lot of helpful information there.

Second, when you say, "it feels good but I don't have one" do you mean you have a build up then nothing? Have you ever had an orgasm? Are you sure you haven't had an orgasm?

The best way for a woman to orgasm is usually to spend some time by herself, masturbating, putting direct pressure on her clitoris. Finger motion usually works the best. If you are doing this and having nothing, I suggest a vibrator, something with some good clitoral power - like a mini vibe - or perhaps go the dual action route so you get penetration with clit stimulation - that will do me every time!

IF you continually do this and still have no release after buildup, try a sensitizing cream, such as "Viva" on sale here for $1.99 this month. This brings more blood to your clit, and makes you much more sensitive. It really works, I have tried it.

IF all these things do not work, then talk to your OBGYN, you may have a medical issue that no one here would be able to help you with!

For now, answer my other questions and I will try to help further.


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