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Orgasmic Double Dipper


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Click the photo to see this item on the TT website!

I had my doubts about this little red devil. It just goes to show that big things do come in small packages, and that two is definitely better than one.

What this unit lacks in length, it makes up for with features. The rotating pearls, the powerful bullet vibe, and the independent controls (one for the vibe, and one for the shaft rotation) were really nice. This also lights up, and the lights get brighter the higher the setting.

Now, I really do think that the proportions on this are a bit off, I would have liked a longer shaft, and a shorter ‘probe’ but surprisingly enough this brought me to a wonderful orgasm.

The unit is connected via a cord to the control dials and battery compartment. 3AA and a quick rubdown with my Toy Wipes got me ready for the action. Partnered with my TT lube, this was going to be galaxy of fun.

I am new to the dark side and I would recommend this to someone who is just starting out with anal exploration, namely because the probe itself is narrow and very smooth. It inserts very easily and the vibration is concentrated at the base for that extra zing. I would recommend this to someone new to double penetration, as it seems very beginner friendly. Go slow with the probe because it is very flexible, it can also be frustrating to insert, but once it’s inserted, it is quite pleasureable!

The rotating shaft did give off some vibration and definitely some noise, so this is not a toy to be trying to sneak around with! There is a bit of a tingly sensation from the pearls rotating (Note: they are really not pearls, but rings of metal beads around a rotating shaft) which was nice, but nothing to write home about. The shaft vibration could definitely be improved.

This is not waterproof so make sure to keep the battery compartment dry when you are cleaning up after you explore the galaxy. I would say, if this is the ‘Little Dipper’ then I definitely want to see what the “Big Dipper” would have in store for me!


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Thanks for the review! It's definitely interesting looking!

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